Last few years have brought considerable turmoil when it comes to PC gaming industry.

The consoles failed to live up to the hype of the technology turnaround that we all expected, so it's up to the PC to pick up the slack.

Tilt Brush logo

Tilt Brush 3D box logo

The most interesting change in the PC gaming field comes in the form of Virtual Reality (VR) devices, which have stopped being a thing of fantasy and have found their way to our living rooms.

Tilt Brush is a brand new tool unveiled by Google, which puts these VR devices to exotic use.

So, what does Tilt Brush do?

It's an application that turns your fancy toy HTC Vive into a powerful tool for making paintings in full 3D.

There's no canvas, no board, and there are no layers (yet) – this isn't a complex application when you get down to using it, but what it does is simply amazing.

Tilt Brush puts a wide variety of brushes which can be customized in great detail and lets you get to work in a room-scale environment.

It's painting on thin air, and some of the art already presented is breathtaking.

It's only been a week – imagine what will we see once the artists “figure out” the whole setup.

For now, these VR sets are pretty expensive.

HTC Vive itself goes for about $800, and that's when you can get your hands on it – the demand has surprised everybody, and VR device manufacturers find themselves scrambling to meet the demand.

Tilt Brush itself is pretty inexpensive.

For under $30 you get an application that turns the space in front of you into a 3D canvas for you to alter at will.

It may seem frivolous at the moment, as the functionality of this tool in 3D can be compared to the functionality of Paintbrush tool that comes pre-installed with every Windows system on your regular PC, but this is a proof of concept.

Having a 3D painting tool become widespread is one step from getting a 3D writing tool accepted after that comes the full office suite that allows you to set up your work environment as you see fit.

How about having a 3D multipurpose machine that'd let you manage your communication from the VR office, including your calls, mail and fax messages?

This is one more step towards the future – and it's quite exciting!