Google Fiber

Google brings a new service to the table!

Keeping the eyes on Google as a herald of technological innovation is more a norm, from developing robots and self-driven cars to bringing Google Fiber to new areas. But their latest innovation is nothing new – in fact, it’s a return to a traditional technology.

With the availability of iPhones, Android and Windows phones being at an all times high and monthly fees for them being at all-time lows, people who use regular landlines are seen more as an exception than as a rule, but the landlines still have enough enthusiasts for Google to want to get them into its fold.

Users of Google Fiber can now add a landline to their service package, with all of the benefits of modern landlines including caller ID, call hold and similar.

The service price is a real bargain for a landline – mere $10 monthly for unlimited calls within the US and a very reasonable rate for international calls.

With a very reasonable price tag on the service and with all the trust Google has built with the users so far, we can safely predict the service will be a large success.

With this, Google has managed to cover pretty much every mode of the communication you may want to use.

Google mail service Gmail has worldwide popularity, Google Fiber is one of the most prestigious internet connections, you can send a fax using Gmail service and they have just added the landline option, you don't have to use any other company for your private as well as business communication.

Personally, I am impatiently waiting for a Google carrier pigeon service (which would be awesome).


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