googleglasspicGoogle recently revealed its new Glass Development Kit at a Glass hackathon event. The event was designated to welcome developers to start creating new apps for its Google Glass technology.

The development kit will provide developers with access to elements of Glass that were previously unavailable. Developers will now be able to create Glass apps that will be able to work offline, in total real time, and still make use of the Google Glass GPS and hardware.

Google’s senior developer advocate addressed the group present at the event, sharing that even though Google hasn’t made it easier to install apps on Glass, statistics have shown that around 83 percent of all Glass owners have at least one app installed.

Having access to the be able to use on a daily basis for work or personal endeavors. Previously, developers were only allowed to develop Glass apps with the Mirror API, which didn’t have as many programming options available.

There were also several companies present at the Glass hackathon event.

The goal was to provide a demo for some of the apps that they had built with early access to the new development kit.

One Glass app known as Word Lens allows for users to translate printed words as they view them, replacing them with words from the targeted language.

Although the app wasn’t perfect and may not work with all fonts, it demonstrated the amount of potential and array of options that are available to those who are utilizing Glass and also making use of the new development kit in the future.

Glass owners will be able to install new apps created from the development kit as early as today.

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