An increasing number of businesses are ditching their old physical fax machines. These days, it's simpler, cheaper, and quicker to send a fax using a Google fax service provider. This is where you connect the provider to your Gmail, then upload a document to be delivered via telephone lines, just like a traditional fax. Let's take a look at five reasons why Google faxing beats using a machine.

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Google Fax Service: Easily Better Than a Machine

You're No Longer Tied to the Office

With Google faxing, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere at any time. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can fax. Your Gmail-sent faxes will go straight to the recipient's fax machine, delivered over regular phone lines.

You might be on a business trip, working from home, or on your way to a meeting. Wherever you are, you can use your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to deliver that urgent document right away.

Reduce Your Monthly Costs

All you pay for with Google faxing is the price of an email faxing provider such as aFax, which is usually very affordable. At the same time, your cost savings are significant.

When a physical fax machine breaks down, it's often expensive to repair or replace. The monthly cost of paper and ink cartridges can also add up. Getting rid of these costs also makes it far cheaper and easier to scale your faxing functionality over multiple teams and offices.

Boost Your Productivity

Switching to Google fax makes for more productive workers in various ways. Studies have found that a less cluttered office has more productive workers. Without bulky fax machines and all the requisite wiring, your workspace is cleaner and emptier.

The aforementioned convenience factors also boost productivity, as do the various additional functions Gmail faxing provides. For example, with Google fax, you can fax a single document to multiple recipients in one go. You can also store received documents far more efficiently than with printed paper documents, and with cloud-sharing services like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office Online, your faxes are easier to share as well.

Schedule Specific Times for Your Faxes

If you're faxing outside of normal office hours and want your recipient to receive the fax at a certain time the following morning, Google fax allows for this. Unlike traditional faxing, you can schedule a Gmail fax to send out at any specific date or time you like. This is also helpful when faxing a recipient in a different timezone.

Faxing is known as a super-secure way to send important and sensitive documents. For this reason, many businesses don't want a faxed document to be sitting on their machine's receipt tray overnight, where anyone can read it. With scheduling, you can make sure they receive it during normal office hours.

Increase Your Security 

Legal and governmental organizations still use fax for sensitive documents because of how secure faxing is. Documents delivered via the Public Switched Telephone Network in an encrypted format are harder to intercept or falsify than documents sent unencrypted over the internet via email.

However, as previously mentioned, traditional fax machines have their own inherent security risks. Confidential information can be disclosed accidentally while sitting on a fax machine. Printed documents allow for all sorts of mistakes through human error or negligence. But if your faxed documents are sent encrypted and come straight to your inbox, most of these potential risks are mitigated.

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