From file storage to email to virtual meetings, Google has all your business needs covered – almost. What do you do when you've gone digital and you need to send a fax? While there's no such thing as a Google fax app, you can still utilize Google's existing services to send and receive faxes. If that sounds difficult, read on to find out how simple, quick, and cost-effective sending a fax using your Gmail account really is.

Google Fax: Send a Fax From Gmail Today

Discover the Benefits of aFax™

Businesses these days use Google for almost everything, but what do you do when you've gone digital and your clients, customers, or affiliates still prefer to communicate via fax? Whether for invoicing, sharing documents, or other types of communication, some companies still require the use of faxes to keep their business running smoothly.

While you may be worried that not owning a fax machine may limit your ability to do business, there is a faster, more efficient option available to you and the process is easier than using a traditional fax machine or brick-and-mortar faxing service. There's no longer any need to own a fax machine to keep your business going.

All You Need is a Gmail Account and aFax™

If your business is already using a Gmail account, you're halfway to faxing freedom. Paired with the award-winning aFax™ app, you'll soon be using your Gmail account to cut back on paper costs, machine maintenance, and faxing fees. Your mobile device, desktop computer, or secure online portal are all that's needed for you to get faxing online today. The whole process will take you five minutes or less – and save you even more time in the long run.

Just Like Email – But Better

Sending and receiving faxes online using aFax™ is no more complicated than sending and receiving emails. With the aFax™ app, you don't need to be the most tech-savvy business owner to keep up with fast-paced digital advancements. You can easily and affordably bring your business into the digital age using the same skill set you already have: sending and receiving emails. If you can navigate your way around Gmail, you can send a Google fax with ease.

Want your employees to handle faxing for you? No problem. With online faxing, there's no need to burden yourself and your employees with additional, time-consuming training hours to learn to operate a fax machine. Chances are, your employees already know how to send and receive emails, and access digital files. Most employees these days use virtual communications on a daily basis, so their knowledge will already be up-to-date for online faxing.

Faxing Made Simple: Streamlined Sign-Up

Signing up for an aFax™ account is simple and streamlined to save your business time and money. There's no complicated, time-consuming sign-up process that will only cause you frustration; with aFax™, signing up is as easy as having an existing Gmail account. The aFax™ app works in conjunction with the same Gmail account you use to send and receive business communication from, making it a convenient addition to your already-existing business suite.

Sending Your First Fax with aFax™

Sending your first fax is simple once you've signed up. Using your Gmail account, you'll need to compose a new email. In the addressee field, you'll write your recipient's fax number as if it were an email address, adding “” to the end (ex: You can then write a custom cover page if so desired, and attach the files you'd like to fax. Your files can be uploaded directly from your hard drive, or GoogleDriveDropbox.

Don't worry about converting your files to .pdf first. The aFax™ app will automatically complete the conversion for you, ensuring clean, easy-to-read communication.

It's as Easy as Hitting ‘Send'!

So, you've uploaded your attachments, written a cover page, and entered your clients' fax number with “” at the end – what's next? Just hit send! Sending a fax through Gmail with aFax™ is no more complicated than sending a regular email with attachments. With traditional fax machines, you have to stand around making sure you don't receive a busy signal so your fax goes through.

With online faxing, you don't have to worry about busy signals, so there's no more wasting precious time waiting on unsent faxes. Once you've sent your first fax with Gmail, you'll be wondering why you ever used a traditional fax machine! Many business owners wrongfully assume that faxing can't be done online or that it would be too difficult. The introduction of the aFax™ app has changed the world of online faxing, making faxing affordable and accessible for everyone.

Choose Your Own Fax Number

Now that you're able to send faxes from your Gmail address, you may be wondering how your customers and business affiliates can fax you if they're still using an old-fashioned machine. Luckily, every aFax™ account comes with your own custom fax number, compatible with traditional fax machines and online fax services. It works just like a standard fax phone line, but with no dialing rules or busy signals, meaning your customers can fax you at any time, from anywhere in the world.

An added bonus of having an aFax™ fax number over a traditional fax number is that you can receive multiple faxes at once. Your clients will be overjoyed at how easy it is to send you faxes and you'll never miss incoming communication. Toll-free and local numbers are available at the same price, making long-distance fees a thing of the past. This means cheaper, easier communication with all your global partners.

Receiving Faxes with Gmail and aFax™

Once you've signed up for an aFax™ account and received your custom fax number, you can send out your contact information to your existing clients so they can begin sending you faxes. Whether they use aFax™ or a traditional machine or service, your new fax number is all you need to start receiving communications via fax.

Security and Peace of Mind: About The aFax™ Secured Inbox

With the aFax™ app, all your incoming faxes will be stored in a secured inbox, so you'll never spend another minute sitting by a fax machine waiting for incoming invoices, information, or other communication again. You can breathe easily knowing your incoming faxes are secured and safe.

Worried about missing an important piece of incoming information? We know that some communication is time-sensitive, so we've also included custom text message alerts as part of our online faxing service. Once you've set up text message alerts, you'll never miss a new fax again! Your clients will be able to reach you anytime, from anywhere, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your business – and put your mind at ease!

Online faxing is the best way to cut down on wasted time, wasted paper, and wasted space in your home or office. Here at aFax™, we know that time is money, and it's our goal to save you both. Our award-winning app makes faxing online simple and efficient. If you want to spend less time standing around a fax machine and more time taking care of what really matters, download the aFax™ app today.