google food pictureJust the other year, Google had an in-house MM issue to take care of.  Just like the case has been for many other internet dilemmas, the internet giant had to get professionals to swing into action in order to find out what really was the problem.

Apparently, research has shown that employees at Google were eating lots of free candy and such-like fast foods at work. As such, the company surmised that such a trend might adversely hinder the company efforts to keep their employees happy and healthy.

In that case therefore, in what was commonly referred to as the MM project, Google started up a research or survey to find out more about snacking patterns among employees both in house and in the field.  The survey was intended at finding out why employees were more of inclined towards eating candy rather than the healthier food stuffs.

The research team kept chocolates in opaque containers but still prominently displayed dried pistachios, figs and a range of other healthy snacks in jars.  The result of the study in New York alone showed that 3.1 million employees consumed fewer calories from the MMs over the first seven weeks. That represented a decrease of about nine vending machine sized packages of MMs for every office that accommodated 2,000 employees.

Through this research, the internet giant seems to be taking its own medicine so as to remedy this situation which seems to be affecting most of its in-house operations.  At least, by keeping employees of candy and such-like foodstuffs, munching in the office has been largely reduced. This has resulted in increased levels of productivity among the 40,000 or so employees or so that the company hosts.

As much as many companies across the globe give incentives in form of snacks, Google is moving from that type of business. They have rather embarked on breaking down everything into crunchable data and that includes sizable plates while at work.

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