google-goJava is presently the most popular programming language in the world however, Google is aiming to change this fact with its invention of Golang or Google Go, as it is also known.

While most enterprises still use Java and have no intentions of switching over go Golang, most developers are not happy about the fact that it takes a long time for Java’s parent company (Oracle) to develop new, needed Java tools and updates.

Some companies are starting to look at Google Go as a Java alternative now that has utilized Google Go for its messaging cloud service for app developers. In fact, co-founder Travis Reeder recently noted that Golong could very well replace Java and other programming languages down the line. He notes that Go is much easier to use than Java when it comes to building and deploying high performance, cloud based applications, which is the primary reasons why is utilizing it.

Travis Reeder is not the only one who feels that Golong has a lot of potential. Apcera CEO Derek Collison is also a strong proponent of Google’s new programming language. The Motley Fool and Career Builder have also switched over to Go and the odds are high that other large companies may follow suit in the future.

Whether or not Golang will go on to become a serious competitor of Java or even replace it altogether remains to be seen. However, the fact that it has much to offer cannot be ignored. Golang’s cloud based capabilities are much higher than those of Java and other well known programming languages.

What is more, Golang is new, updated and capable of handling many companies’ present day needs and requirements, something that cannot always be said for Java. In the end, however, only time will tell if Google’s new language will become widespread or fade into oblivion.

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