gmailAlthough there have been claims for years that the end of email is imminent, it would seem that it is actually a mode of communication that will continue to last throughout the next few decades. That topic aside, there are many people who wonder which company provides the best free email service. Gmail is obviously one of the most popular options, but most would consider that there is still competition from options such as Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL,, and Hushmail. For this reason, some people would consider it difficult to determine which option may be the best.

Generally speaking, if someone isn’t using Gmail, then they’re likely to be using Outlook instead. People tend to choose email providers based on their own needs, whether they are using their email address for personal matters, business matters, or both. For this reason, even though Gmail and Outlook may have the highest competition, a lot of their users may not even be using these providers platforms to their full potential. Gmail is the most preferential, however, because it provides a wide array of different functions and options, such as faxing directly from the users email account.

As email continues to be a long lasting form of communication, there is going to be a more obvious showdown between email providers. Gmail is going to likely take center stage during this showdown since Google works almost endlessly to ensure that the company provides the strongest products and platforms for its users. As time progresses, it’s very possible that some email providers will become less popular or even almost non-existent in terms of competition. If Google continues to evolve Gmail to include more reliable features and make the email experience more convenient for its users, it will have no problem maintaining a lead in the industry, even if Outlook remains as competition.

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