Many of us remember the time when working with huge stacks of paper was an everyday occurrence.

Some of us remember that time because it was just earlier today, and others remember it because it was so annoying that they still have nightmares and sometimes when it’s really quiet, they hear the sound of a fax machine working.

huge pile of files

Thankfully, even though fax is still widely used, it’s gone from analog to a more contemporary format – the digital.

Since our era is all about being digital and whatnot, fax had no other choice than to give in to this trend, and now it’s all viral, virtual, optical and super-sonic.

Well, maybe we’re not quite there yet, but you get the point.

Will faxing become an old lost practice?

Faxing will definitely not leave us alone anytime soon and there is a good reason for that – it is essential. It may not be as essential as food or water is, or maybe not even as cupcakes and pancakes are, but it is a vital part of doing business.

Simply put, faxing is for business what pancakes are for us, common people. You just can’t make it without them.

Now, the real reason why virtual faxing is here to stay is because fax is a legally binding document, and legality is kind of a huge deal when you conduct business.

You can’t just put your demands on a napkin, sign it and expect another person to fulfill those conditions. Nope, it’s somewhat more complicated than that.

complicated faxing service

Also, faxing nowadays is much different to what it was only a few years ago.

You don’t need huge stacks of paper, you don’t even need a faxing machine, there are no additional cords and cables, no additional costs, etc.

Internet faxing is simpler, more efficient and a real hoot, if I may say so.

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