Faxing has never been easier. If you need to send a fax today, you can do so for free without even entering your credit card details. All you need is a Gmail account. In this post, we'll show you how to send a free fax in three simple steps.

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Free Fax Without a Credit Card

Connect Your Gmail to an Online Faxing Service

There are quite a few online services that deliver faxes for you. But only aFax allows you to send a fax for free without entering your credit card details, as long as your fax is five pages or fewer in length. The entire process takes only two minutes.

First, you'll need to connect your Gmail to aFax, which requires one click of a button. Visit aFax.com and select “send a fax now.” You'll be asked to connect your preferred Gmail account. Once you do so, you're ready to begin faxing.

Fill Out Your Message and Attach Your File

Follow the straightforward steps aFax guides you through, which will ask you to enter your recipient's fax number, the subject line, and the cover letter content. Finally, attach the document you wish to fax.

Confirm and Hit “Send”

You'll be asked to confirm that all the details are correct. When you're ready, click “send.” Within a few seconds, your recipient's fax machine will receive the fax and print it out. That's how simple the entire process is.

How Internet Faxing Works

Faxed documents are always delivered over the Public Switched Telephone Network. This is separate from the internet and is considered more secure than email.

When you use aFax or another internet faxing service like RingCentral, you give them your digital document. The service then converts that document into an analog format and delivers it over their landlines to the recipient's fax machine.

What If You Want to Receive Faxes?

The free faxing process described above doesn't require you to have your own fax number. But if you want to receive faxes, you'll need to have a number. With aFax, you can be provided with your own fax number for a very reasonable monthly charge.

If you already have a fax number, you can provide give it to the service and they'll receive faxes for you. They then convert received faxes into digital format and present them to you or send them to your email inbox.

Receive Faxes for Free With RingCentral

You can sign up for a free trial at another excellent internet faxing service: RingCentral. During the free trial, you can both send and receive faxes. You'll need to enter your credit card details when you sign up, but you won't be charged until the free trial is over.

Why Internet Faxing Beats Traditional Faxing

For better or worse, faxing is here to stay. So many businesses around the world require fax correspondence for contracts and sensitive documents. Organizations in health, finance, law, and government often insist on using fax. They do so partly because of perceived security benefits and partly out of habit.

You might well need to use fax while dealing with these organizations. And with internet faxing, it's now a cheap, quick, hassle-free process. There's no need to buy a fax machine. Here are five huge advantages internet faxing has over using physical fax machines.

You Can Fax From Anywhere at Any Time

When using physical fax machines, you have to be in the office, standing by your fax machine. That limits you to office hours. But sometimes you might want to send a fax early in the morning, after office hours, or at the weekend. With internet faxing, you can fax any time you like, wherever you are.

If your recipient is still using a fax machine and wants to receive a fax during their ordinary office hours, you can schedule an internet fax to arrive at a later time or date. Convenience is the keyword when it comes to computer faxing.

You Save on Monthly Costs

When you start sending and receiving internet faxes regularly, you'll need to pay your faxing provider a monthly fee. But this cost is always far less than the cost of renting a landline, maintaining a fax machine, and buying all that extra ink and paper.

Your Office Is Less Cluttered

A clutter-free workspace makes for more productive workers. Any businessperson seeking to reduce the amount of equipment and wiring around their desk should consider internet faxing.

Not only do you get rid of bulky machines and all their requisite wiring, but you also need fewer filing cabinets. Traditional fax machines are continually printing, but with digital faxing, you only print a file if you really need to. This makes for fewer folders and filing cabinets required to store all that unnecessary paper.

Your Files Are Better-Organized

When all your faxes are converted into digital format, you can store them on Google Docs. This means they're easier to organize, less likely to go missing, and easier to share, as well.

Your Business Is Greener

Fortunately, printing paper no longer contributes to deforestation. But all that unnecessary ink and plastic packaging can still be avoided by getting rid of your fax machine. A company using internet fax is more environmentally friendly, which looks great to many customers and feels good too.

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