These days, not having a fax machine at home isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you use certain software, you can turn your email account into a virtual fax machine that will allow you to send a fax from home, while you're away from home, and at any other time. Learn more about the benefits of sending a fax from a computer before you search for an online fax vendor.

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Four Big Benefits of Sending a Fax From Your Computer

1. More Convenience

The biggest benefit of using a computer as your fax machine is the increased convenience. For example, if you need to send a fax urgently, you don't have to leave home if you're sick or if there are poor weather conditions. Instead, you can fax without leaving your couch or home office.

This increased level of convenience also gives you more flexibility if you are in different time zones while traveling or if you need to send a fax to complete a business contract. Faxing from your computer can also allow you to meet urgent fax requests, such as sending school records or insurance information to hospitals.

2. Faster Process

Using a computer to send a fax is also a faster process overall. With a traditional fax machine, you will have to wait as each page is sent individually. Or, if you have to visit a business center or a business store to send a fax, the process will also be slow since a traditional fax machine can only send a fax page-by-page.

With a virtual fax machine, you can send several pages with only the click of a button. For example, many digital fax services allow you to send up to 200 pages at one time, and this process is instant, just like sending an email. You can also send your fax to multiple people, which can save you time as well.

3. Greater Security

Sending a fax with your computer can provide greater security for your data. Unlike email, fax is more secure because the channel used to send a virtual fax is protected from malicious online activity, such as viruses, malware, and spyware. Additionally, only the person who is receiving the fax will be able to view the faxed document, which will also protect your data.

Providing greater security for your data may be especially important if you need to send sensitive material. For example, healthcare regulations may be important to comply with to protect patient privacy. Legal documents are also sensitive materials that need to be protected, which is why faxing certain documents is preferred over email.

4. Saves Money

Finally, using your computer as a virtual fax machine can also save you money. Buying a fax machine you may not need to use frequently is a poor investment, while paying to fax documents by the page is an expense that can quickly add up when some stores charge two dollars per page. A physical fax machine also requires occasional expenses like ink, paper, and toner, as well as the cost of the landline to make the fax machine functional.

Using your computer as your at-home fax machine is a smart decision for several reasons. Some of the biggest benefits of faxing from your computer include more convenience, greater security, and the ability to save time and money. If you think faxing from your computer is a good choice for you, check out some of the online fax services that can be paired with your Gmail account.

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