Anyone telling you there's a place for everything and everything in its place clearly isn't attuned to internet technology. Versatility is the modern byword, especially for business. Specialized devices are obsolete. Contemporary internet-capable devices can perform multiple functions. That includes using your email to fax rather than the clunky, old machine that lives to make ear-splitting noises and ruin your day with paper jams. Faxing via email is a simple, inexpensive process that will save you time and headaches.

How Does Faxing via Email Work?

The process couldn't be simpler. The sender composes an email on Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook with any necessary notes written in the subject field or email body, attaches the documents to be faxed, and sends the completed email to a recipient with a fax domain address. The recipient then uses their printer to transfer the email fax to paper so that it can be signed and/or filed with the appropriate agent as needed.

How Does Faxing via Email Save Time and Money?

As the perfect bridge between paperless businesses and those for whom hard copies are necessary, faxing via email significantly curtails spending on paper and ink. Nor will employees waste time standing watch to confirm the fax connects and sends to a line that isn't busy, or successfully prints incoming documents. Best of all, the cost for newer, upgraded devices or software can be slashed from your budget and the space occupied by their predecessors freed for more productive uses.

What Is a Fax Domain?

A fax domain is an email address designed specifically to receive faxes. It combines your business' unique ten-digit fax number with a custom fax domain, such as When a fax is sent, the email will appear in your fax domain's inbox. You can then open it, read, and print the fax as desired.

Does Email to Fax Include a Cover Page?

Cover pages can be added as desired, with several templates in varying, distinctive styles from which to choose. Users can create attractive, reusable cover pages suited to their needs and which, with their company logo inscribed, readily recognizable to the recipient. The subject and body of the email can be included on the cover page, along with the names of the sender and recipient, with the body thus serving doubly as added instructions and notes pertinent to the document faxed.

What Options Are Available for Document Delivery?

Unlike a document sent from a fax machine, documents can be delivered to more than a single user who must then take time to copy and redistribute the fax for colleagues to view. Various employees or departments can be assigned unique fax numbers or each receive the fax in their email inbox. As well as more efficient distribution, recipients can also exert greater control over who has access to their most sensitive communications.

Let streamline your business communications today by marrying your need to fax with your existing email system. You'll save time and money while increasing the efficiency of your workforce.