No fax machine? No problem. When you register with a digital fax service, you can get a Google fax number that will help you turn your ordinary email account into a fax machine that can be used anywhere and at any time. Check out some of the biggest benefits of subscribing to a third-party Gmail fax vendor today.

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Five Reasons You Should Absolutely Get a Google Fax Number

1. More Security Than Email

Sending a digital fax is more secure than sending a document as an email attachment. Although email is more common, this method of sending data is also vulnerable to malware attacks, such as viruses and spyware that can attach to a document. This can put your computer or device at risk if you have to download the attachment.

Digital fax, on the other hand, uses an encrypted channel that will keep your document and your data secure since malware can't attach to an encrypted channel. With digital fax, you can download attachments without any concerns over the safety of your device. You can also be more confident that only you and the individual who receives your fax will be able to view the document you send.

2. No Need for Extra Machines

Using your email account to fax also removes the need to buy additional machinery. In addition to not needing a fax machine, you also don't have to use a printer when you have a digital fax account. The only time you may need a printer is if you want a physical copy of a fax you have received.

3. Digital Fax On Multiple Devices

With a digital fax service, you can also send faxes on multiple devices. For example, you can access your online fax account via your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC computer. You can also access your online fax account via devices that aren't yours, such as a public computer. The ability to fax from multiple devices enables you to conduct business wherever you are.

4. Increased Flexibility

Registering with a digital fax service also gives you increased flexibility when it comes to documents you can send. For example, you can send documents that are downloaded from the internet, stored on your device, saved in cloud storage, or recently scanned onto your computer. As long as you have a text-based document, you can send almost any file via digital fax.

5. More Cost-Effective

Finally, turning your email account into a digital fax machine is more cost-effective. For example, many online fax vendors will provide services for a monthly subscription fee that is only around $20. Paying to send a fax by the page, on the other hand, can sometimes cost up to two dollars per page at your local UPS or FedEx store.

If you get down to the math, sending even 10 pages is as much as paying for a monthly subscription to an online fax service, and this can quickly become expensive if you need to fax hundreds of pages a month. Furthermore, the cost of investing in a fax machine and supplies like paper or ink can also be costly in the long run.

If you want to save time and money, getting a fax number for your Google account is a wise idea. Not only can you enjoy more security when you use a digital fax service, but you can also have increased flexibility in the type of documents you send, the devices you can use, and the places you can send a fax from.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice!