What is a Fax Demodulator and how does it work?

Fax Demodulator is a small device that can be used to observe and intercept fax signals, whether over a phone line or radiofax signals. The main difference between a fax demodulator and a regular fax machine is the fact that demodulator is not able to modify the signal in any way, it is not able to establish a connection to fax machines or have any two-way information exchange with them.

Fax Demodulators vary in form and shape, ranging from small devices used to intercept analog signals, to digital devices that can isolate a fax signal from digital and IP based compressed signals going through T.38 standard fax connection.

Use of fax demodulators is usually limited to monitoring PSTN and telephone communication lines by the police or similar services, and can very rarely be seen outside of wiretapping purposes.

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