It’s been nearly half a century since the commercialization of the first fax machine.

When it arrived, fax machine became extremely popular in no time and quickly took over the office with its weird noises and bulky posture.

It also proved to be an improvement in the way business was conducted, since it only took a few minutes to send and receive a fax, while sending and receiving mail could take days.

traditional faxing methods

Surprisingly, traditional faxing methods are still present in many offices, and it was estimated that more than 40 million fax machines were active in the world during the previous year.

What’s even more astounding is the fact that a research has shown that high percentage of European office workers find fax machines essential to their office lives.

Some of them even consider faxes being more important than tablets. I mean, come on people, it is 2016, right?

Well, it may be so, but many businesses still rely on faxes when it comes to doing their work, which is not all that bad.

There is nothing wrong with using fax as means of communication.

The only question that’s left is why don’t they actually use online faxing?

Why do businesses still depend on outdated technology instead of simply going digital?

complicated faxing methods

Another thing that supports the digitalization of faxes is the fact that a huge number of teens expect to use the very latest technology in the working area.

Maybe we’ve spoilt them a little bit too much, and now we have to pay the price, but at this point, a young man or woman in search for a job might have quite an interesting time trying to decipher how to send a fax using a fax machine.

There is not a silver lining to this one, other than making someone look like a monkey trying to solve a Rubik’s cube.

It’s much easier to teach a person how to use virtual faxing.

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