Since online faxing services are getting more and more popular, it only makes sense that we run a few tests on some of the leading websites on the market to see how they fare against each other.

I have been toying with the ever popular Pingdom tool (you can test it yourself right here), and, while some of the results it returns are purely academic, I will still go over them in the article.

What are the parameters we'll be checking out during these tests? Pingdom provides a report that gives an overall score, shows the number of requests, the time it spent sending these requests and the overall page size in MB.

Why do these matter? It should be obvious as to why the speed of the website is important, but what about other parameters? Not everybody has a flat internet packet on their phones, and since mobile and tablet browsing is becoming bigger and bigger chunk of overall internet communication, it's good to know what numbers you are dealing with whenever you visit one of these sites.

Faxing Speed Comparison for Online Faxing Services

The first one we're taking a look at is always popular Nextiva.

I was most curious to see how the Pingdom ranks this page, and I didn't believe the initial results – the test shows the page loading in almost eight full seconds and weighting whooping 17.2 MB! That's a lot, and the page doesn't seem that complex to me, especially since both my computer and my phone loaded the page in what appears to be closer to 2 seconds.

nextiva fax speed test

The mystery was quickly revealed as I realized that the home page of the Nextiva contains a video as a header, but the page loads long before the video is played, so it makes sense that a specialized tool would tell us that it takes way much longer to load the whole thing than it does.

The weight of the page is closer to 2.5MB without the video.

Nextiva's application for controlling your faxing account also weights a few MB's, draining about 5MB more, but it loads reasonably quickly within Firefox.

The second one I've taken a look at is MyFax, and you can see that their landing page is as minimalistic as they could make it.

I expected that it would be lightning-fast to load when you look at its 300kb in size, but the time didn't differentiate that much from loading time of Nextiva.

Their on-site account manager loads a bit more quickly then Nextiva's as it's not an app that runs inside a browser, but an actual browser page.

myfax speed
Right after that, I took at look at how RingCentral is doing.

This company used to be top tier faxing service provider, but they have moved much of their focus over to the hosting of virtual phone number operations, but they still have an on-site option for faxing, making them a valid participant in this comparison study.

Their site is not as bare-bone as MyFax has, and the speeds they achieve can be compared to that of Nextiva, so I've got nothing to complain about with them.

ringcentral speed

eFax has a surprisingly high grade when it comes to the speed and quality of its home page according to Pingdom, but it's minimal design obviously has more under the hood than the minimalistic MyFax – the home pages are the same size, but the data downloaded is closer to the much larger websites I've taken a look at.

They take a good bite out of your internet data, so you might want to look at the competition if you're using a limited data plan.

efax speed

And, finally, since I found out about that service just a week ago, I wanted to see how Bitcoin fax fared against all of these competitors, and when it comes to how well the site is designed and how quickly it loads, it blew them out of the water.

Sure, the service they offer is minimalistic (you can read more about Bitcoin fan in my article), but I was surprised how well it scored compared to the competition.

It loaded almost instantly on PC, and took about 1 second on my phone, so I'm not sure why the tests took over eight seconds, but you can test it for yourself.


I hope this brief faxing speed comparison helped you – if you're on a very tight internet plan, the size of these sites and the speed at which they load should help you decide who do you want to bring your business to!

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