Fax Machine definition

Fax machine (short for facsimile machine) is a device for transmitting and receiving faxes. A fax is an exact copy of a document (picture or text) made by electronic scanning and transmitted as data by telecommunication links.

Modern fax machines are usually multipurpose units, with printer and scanner capabilities, and the ability to connect to a PC, forming a powerful tool for home or business use.

Fax Machine usage

Fax machines are used to transmit documents between locations, which is what historically drove their development – news agencies used them to transmit news across the USA and businesses related to banking and stock market wanted to have info on what's going on immediately. There are some personal data transmitted using fax machines, but the internet and e-mailing largely took over that specific niche, along with existence of online fax services, which are much easier to use, resembling e-mailing process.

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