Many business owners aren't aware of how much cheaper, quicker, safer, and greener digital faxing is than traditional faxing. For those who're daunted by the idea of sending a fax from a computer or phone, it's actually far easier than you might realize. Let's take a look at the many advantages of Google faxing, and the simplest way to get started with it.

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Fax From a Computer: Greener, Cheaper, Better

Save Paper 

For the environmentally conscious business owner, Google fax is one great way to stop using as much paper. Although using paper no longer contributes toward deforestation, printing paper still uses up considerable water and energy. You also use less electricity without a physical fax machine, which has a positive green impact.

Whenever you receive a fax to your email, you can choose to store it and share it digitally. You no longer need to order as many ink cartridges for printing, which saves on the plastic used in all that packaging.

Save Costs

The reduction in expenses is perhaps the main reason so many business owners are switching to digital faxing. With Gmail fax, not only do you save on the cost of paper, ink, and electricity but you also save on the costs of repairing or replacing faulty fax machines. And if you only use your landline for fax, you can get rid of that monthly cost as well. Digital faxes are delivered via the landlines provided by Google.

When you have multiple departments or offices, these hardware, supplies, and upkeep costs can really mount up. Scaling becomes far easier with digital faxing. With no additional machines to purchase, each new office, department, and employee only needs access to Gmail to send and receive faxes.

Save Time

A less quantifiable but equally significant cost saving comes from all the time you save with digital faxing. You no longer need to walk to the fax machine and wait beside it while it delivers your fax and prints out a confirmation notice. With Google fax, confirmations of receipt are delivered to you digitally.

You can also send Gmail faxes from anywhere, at any time of the day, as long as you have your laptop or phone. Likewise, you can read faxed files delivered to you on your phone and respond more rapidly. If you're outside, you no longer need to wait until you get to the office to do anything fax-related.

Save Space

There are numerous benefits to productivity when your workspace is uncluttered. Less cluttered offices have been found to boost worker morale, reduce sick days, and increase profitability.

With this in mind, any steps taken to reduce the number of machines and wires in an office is a good thing. By digitizing your fax, you no longer need either a fax machine or landline cables. So you have a little more space and peace of mind.

Reduce Risk

Even though digital faxes are instigated from your email, they are not sent via the internet. When you hit ‘send,' the fax is delivered using Google's analog landlines rather than yours. So just like ordinary faxes, Gmail faxes are delivered via the Public Switched Telephone Network, which is less susceptible to security risks than anything sent online. In this way, digital faxes are more secure than most emails.

With Google fax, you also mitigate a certain inherent risk that's found with physical fax machines. When a printed fax arrives at a machine, it sometimes sits in the tray for a period of time, exposing sensitive data for anyone to see. Sometimes, these printed faxes can become misplaced or lost. Digital faxes don't have these problems.

The very easiest way to get started with digital faxing is to take the leap and send your first Gmail fax. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice!