Faxing over the internet has become a popular way to send and receive faxes without being forced to use a traditional fax machine. There are many advantages to this method of faxing for many businesses. And, most importantly, it can save you money! If you're looking to understand how to fax over internet and the benefits it offers, keep reading!

Why You Should Fax Over Internet Instead of Traditional Fax Machines

What Is Faxing Over the Internet?

Fax over internet is a way to send traditional faxes without having a landline/separate telephone line. It allows you to send and even receive faxes automatically through your computer via email, online fax services, virtual phone numbers, and/or software apps.

How is it different from using a traditional fax machine? Traditional fax machines are standalone devices that can only send and receive paper faxes. They connect directly to a telephone line which you have to pay for, regardless of whether faxes are being sent or received. You also have to purchase a traditional fax machine, whereas faxing over the internet requires no additional equipment.

What Are the Differences Between Traditional Faxing and Faxing Over the Internet?

digital fax vs analog fax

The first major difference between faxing over the internet and traditional fax machines is the equipment required. Faxing over the internet onlt requires a device that can send and receive emails. Traditional fax machines, on the other hand, must be used with a regular home or office phone line. This means that if you don't have a landline at your house or business then it might not be cost-effective for you. These also require a traditional fax machine.

Another major difference is reliability. Faxing over the internet usually relies on email. Emails can get caught in spam filters, so you will need to warn the recipient of the fax. Traditional fax machines must be turned on to receive faxes, and the landline must be dedicated to the fax machine. Otherwise, the fax machine may fail to receive the fax. Some traditional fax machines can keep trying to send a fax until there is a successful handshake.

How Does It Work?

Sending Internet Faxes

To send a fax over the internet using the email method, you attach the document to an email. The sender must specify who is receiving the fax (by phone number or email address), their contact information, and which number or email they're using. This avoids confusion between different people who may share the same name. You can also use voice prompts to record a message that you want to be sent with your fax.

Receiving Internet Faxes

To receive a fax over the internet, you download the fax from your email inbox or directly into your software app. The receiver must specify which email or app they're using to receive the faxes, as well as specify their phone number.

Opting for a Virtual Number Instead of Email

how to get a google fax number

There is an alternative to email when using fax over the internet. Many people use a virtual number service because it provides more versatility. First, you can use it instead of email so it's dedicated to faxes. You won't have to worry about your fax emails getting lost in your inbox or being caught by the spam filter.

Second, you can be confident when you use your virtual number for secure transmissions, like when applying for credit cards and bank loans. No physical address is required so no paper trail might be seen by prying eyes. And, sensitive financial and background information won't be seen accidentally through email. However, virtual service numbers may incur an additional monthly fee, which is why many businesses don't use one.

How Can My Business Benefit From Using Fax Over the Internet?

Work Hours Flexibility

One benefit of using fax over the internet is you get to set your own hours and work when it's convenient for you. Traditional fax machines require someone to be in the office/home office to receive fax messages. This can be inconvenient with jobs that are constantly on the go.

Cost Savings

In addition, faxing over the internet can save you money! Aside from not having to pay for monthly phone bills, the main advantage comes with scalability. When your business grows, more employees are added, more clients are serviced, etc. You can continue to fax over the internet without needing any additional hardware or having to pay extra fees for purchasing more equipment.

Eliminate Waste

Finally, using fax over the internet eliminates paper waste because these faxes are produced digitally and saved onto your computer until they're ready to be viewed. You no longer have to pay for fax paper! In addition, there are repercussions to having more waste – more janitorial and shredding services are required, just to name a few.

More Than One Fax Recipient

Another advantage is that traditional faxes can't be sent to more than one person at once. Emails can. Each traditional fax needs to be sent individually which takes more time, especially for businesses where most documents are shared between multiple employees or departments.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Faxing Over the Internet?

Most of the disadvantages that come with faxing over the internet stem from using email as a medium instead of a dedicated landline. Emails can get caught in spam filters, they may be delayed if the recipient is not around (or does not check their emails), someone else may accidentally delete them before reading them, etc.

However, it's easy to get around these issues. Send the fax to more than one person and ensure the sending email address is marked as safe (i.e. not spam) in the recipient's email system.

How Can You Get Started With Faxing Over the Internet?

fax over the internet

To send and receive faxes over the internet, you need some basic equipment and software, most of which you most likely already have if you operate a business. Any device that supports internet connectivity and has an HTML5 compatible browser can send and receive fax over the internet for free using email. This includes smartphones, Windows and Mac computers (desktop and laptop), and tablets.

In addition, you might want to opt for a virtual phone number, which lets you choose any area code, including local phone numbers in other countries. Recipients can easily identify where the fax came from even though it was via the internet. You can get virtual phone numbers on many sites. Many countries are often included in these online fax numbers.

How Much Does It Cost To Send Faxes Over the Internet?

Using a service that sends and receives faxes via email can cost as little as $0 to get started. You most likely already have a compatible device and access to the internet. It's just a matter of finding a service and signing up!

Faxing over the internet is a great way to send and receive faxes without being forced to use a separate telephone line. You can save money, eliminate waste, and send faxes to more than one recipient. Are you ready to get started with faxing over the internet? Reach out to aFax today to get up and running in no time! All you need is an email account and we'll get you started!

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