Is faxing still a viable method of communication?

Private communication has largely been replaced with e-mail and instant messaging apps on smartphones, but faxing is still a big part of business communication around the world.

Is faxing a secure method of communication?

While there are fax demodulators that can be used to intercept fax messages, this is a very impractical method to be used for illegal purposes, and they are used mainly by the legal authorities in some specific cases. Otherwise, faxes are secure and can't be intercepted.

Can I use my fax machine with a VoIP (Vonage, Skype, MagicJack) telephone connection?

No. Details of why VoIP is not compatible with fax machines can be found here.

Who is in charge of setting standards in fax transmission?

Body in charge of regulating and suggesting changes to the faxing standards is ITU (International Telecommunications Union).

I am receiving junk faxes. Is there anything I can do to make them stop?

Yes, you can read up on junk faxes and advice on handling them here. You can inform yourself about other types of malicious faxing attacks here.

Will I be able to send/receive a fax from a smartphone?

Inform yourself on the options in front of you for sending/receiving fax messages from smartphones here. In our Faxing How To section you can find additional guides for other platforms.

Can I send a fax internationally?

Yes, international faxing works pretty much like international phone connection. Here's a brief guide to international faxing with country codes.

Can I fix a paper jam?

Regular paper jams can be fixed by following steps from our page dedicated to fixing paper jams, any major malfunctions would have to be serviced by an expert.

Is there a difference between a fax machine and a fax modem?

Yes, they are two different things. You can read on fax machines here, and learn more about fax modems here. Short answer – fax machines are devices that let you scan, print and fax, while fax modem turns your PC into a fax machine station which can send and receive faxes in digital form.

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