If you're looking for a quick, easy, and cheap alternative to a home fax machine, you may be excited to learn about faxing from your email account. It's easy to learn how to fax from email when you're registered with an online fax provider. Learn more about the process today.

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Easy, Quick, Cheap: How To Fax From Email

Faxing from your email is an ideal solution for many people who are still working from home. The ability to fax from your email means that you won't need to buy a fax machine or keep up with costs such as printer and ink. You also won't need a landline to make your email fax work.

Register Your Email Account

First, you will need to register your email account with an online fax service provider. Your email account can be your work email or a newly created email that you will use for faxing purposes. Typically, online fax services prefer to partner with Gmail accounts, but some services may work with Outlook or other email providers.

When you register your email account with an online fax service, the fax service will give you a digital fax number that will work with your email account to create a secure channel so that you can send faxes. The digital fax number is crucial to sending a successful virtual fax.

Compose New Email

Next, you will need to compose a new email. However, instead of inputting an email address, you will input a fax number. The fax number you input can be associated with another digital fax account, or it can be the number associated with a physical fax machine. When you compose a new email, you will still need to input the subject line and you may have an option of including a fax cover letter.

Attach Documents

Next, you will need to attach the documents that you want to fax. Typically, a digital fax machine will only be able to send text documents, which means you won't be able to send image files. Many people use digital fax to send Google documents, Microsoft documents, and other files that are saved in PDF format.

Await Confirmation

After you send your email fax, you will need to await confirmation that your fax has been successfully received by another online fax account or physical fax machine. Typically, you will receive this confirmation in only a few minutes. The confirmation may be an important step if you need to create a paper trail for certain documents.

Can You Use Email Fax From Anywhere?

You can use email fax from anywhere in the world. As long as you are registered with an online fax service provider and you have a stable internet connection, you can fax documents at any time and to any location. This is one of the major conveniences of using a digital fax service, since you won't have to wait for business hours to send a fax.

Why Is Email Fax Preferable?

Email fax is preferable for several reasons, such as being more convenient and faster than using a traditional fax machine. Furthermore, digital fax is cheaper, particularly if you don't need to send a fax very often and you can't justify the cost of owning a physical fax machine.

The process of sending a digital fax will only take a few minutes. After you register your email account, all you will need to do is use your digital fax number to turn your email into a digital fax machine that you can use to send documents anywhere at any time.

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