If you need to send a fax in hurry, your first instinct may be to use Google to search for “fax services near me.” However, it's a little silly to Google for nearby fax services when your Google account can act as a virtual fax machine! When you use the right online fax service, any of your devices can turn into a fax machine in only a few minutes.

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Don't Google “Fax Services Near Me”

Although Google doesn't directly offer free fax services, Google does partner with many third-party vendors to offer online fax services. Essentially, these vendors work as a plug-in for your Gmail account, which can turn your email into a functional fax machine that you can use anywhere at any time.ri

How It Works

Online fax services are pretty straightforward. Essentially, the online fax service gives you a digital fax number with end-to-end encryption that allows your email address to work as a fax machine. During this process, documents you attach to an email will be sent directly to a fax machine or another online fax inbox.

The digital fax number acts as a virtual landline for your computer. Without a digital fax number, it's impossible to use your email account as a fax machine. The digital fax number will be unique to your email account, which will help keep your data secure and will allow you to receive a confirmation email when your fax has been successfully sent.

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Fax?

You can generally use your Google account to turn any of your devices into your virtual fax machine. As long as you can access the internet or you have a Gmail application, your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and PC can all become a fax machine. The flexibility in the devices you can use to send your faxes is one of the major advantages of online fax services. Other advantages include:


If you go to FedEx, Staples, or your local UPS Store, you may be charged up to two dollars per page when you're sending a fax. Even your local library may charge you over a dollar to send a fax. Since most fax documents can be several pages long, this is a cost that can quickly add up.

On the other hand, an online fax service subscription will usually cost between $20 and $30 a month. This means that having a subscription to an online fax vendor is cheaper than paying per page to send a fax on a traditional fax machine. The cost-effective strategy is particularly important for remote workers and small business owners.

Fast and Convenient

Instead of dealing with an old fax machine or visiting a business store to send a fax, turning your computer into a fax machine is much faster and more convenient. The convenience factor is also important, especially if you are still working from home or you can't leave your house for some reason.

More Secure

Finally, sending a virtual fax is a much more secure method than attaching documents in an email. This is because email is still vulnerable to malware attacks, whereas virtual fax is protected by end-to-end encryption. The increased security may be important if you are sending legally binding documents or documents that contain sensitive material.

If you need to send a fax quickly, you don't need to go searching for the nearest fax machine. Your computer or another smart device can easily become a virtual fax machine that you can use to send sensitive documents when you register with an online fax vendor.

Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice!