Sending a fax through Gmail is a relatively new thing for most people, so you're probably going to have several questions about the process. It's important to get all the information up front when you want to send a fax through Gmail, so let's take a look at one of the concerns many people have.

Do You Need a Special Account to Fax Through Gmail?

Gmail lets you choose between a personal account, a business account, or an account for your child. People often wonder if there's a fourth option you need to pick if you want to send faxes through your account. Thankfully, there's no special account type you need when you want to send faxes through Gmail.

You can send faxes right from your pre-existing personal or business Gmail account without the need to download any software, add plug-ins, or change your account type. The only new account you'll need is with your online fax service.

What Is an Online Fax Service?

An online fax service is a company you pay so you can send faxes through Gmail. You'll pay a small monthly subscription price in exchange for using the fax service's domain, extension, and servers. The service will also provide you with a fax number of your own, and you can use this to receive faxes right into your Gmail account.

How Is an Online Fax Service Different From a Faxing App?

You may have seen various apps and programs that promise to let you send faxes over the internet. These apps and programs aren't convenient in the slightest. The recipient will usually need the same app or program to receive your fax. Plus, these apps are usually very expensive.

When using an online fax service, you don't need to download any software on any of your devices. You can send your faxes to anybody who's able to receive faxes through their email inbox or via an internet-connected fax machine. It's altogether more convenient than many of those overpriced and often unreliable apps you may have seen previously.

How Do You Send a Fax Through Gmail?

1. Prepare Your Documents

Once you have a Gmail account and you're using an online fax service, you can get started with sending faxes as often as you need to. You'll prepare a document such as a PDF, a word processor file, or even an image. PDF and word processor files are generally more convenient than image files, though. Ensure your file is under 25 MB in size and has fewer than 200 pages in it. Don't include a cover page with your fax.

2. Write Your Cover Page

Write your cover page in a word processor such as Google Docs. This way you can easily read it, make corrections, and save it for future reference if needed. Once you've got it written up, you'll paste this into the subject line of your Gmail fax. Don't put it in the body of the email, as text in the body won't be sent.

3. Attach Your Files

The only thing in the body of your email should be the documents you wish to send as a digital fax. You can send multiple documents in one digital fax as long as the combined file size is under 25 MB.

4. Add the Recipient

Add your recipient's fax number to the subject bar, followed by the domain and extension used by your fax service, such as “” Hit send, and it's done!

Sending faxes through Gmail is the most convenient way to send your files securely and quickly. Need an online fax service that's reliable, affordable, and easy to use? Check out Afax for all your digital faxing needs.