Do you need to send a fax but you don't have a landline? No problem, all you need is a Gmail account and an internet connection. Online faxing is rapidly becoming the most popular form of faxing with business owners the world over. Let's take a look at how Google fax works and how you can start faxing from your computer today.

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Do You Have an Email Account? Congrats, You Can Fax Without a Landline

Having a landline is expensive. With the rapid spread of VoIP telephone systems, the only remaining reason many businesses keep a landline is for their fax machines. But with Gmail faxing, you can do away with machines and landlines forever.

You do this by using an online fax service such as aFax. You connect your Gmail account to your aFax account. After that, you can compose an email in your Gmail account, attach your document, and send it. aFax turns your document into a fax and delivers it using their own landlines, directly to the recipient.

Online Faxing Is Accepted By All

When a fax machine receives a fax from you, it has no idea whether it came from a fax machine or from an online faxing service. Either way, the fax prints out just the same at their end.

If you're concerned about security yourself, you needn't worry. Gmail faxing is just as secure as traditional faxing, and in some ways more so. When traveling from your Gmail account to aFax, your document is encrypted with end-to-end TLS encryption protocol. And when traveling from aFax to your recipient, the document goes directly point-to-point in base64 binary format, just like an ordinary fax.

Why Google Fax Outperforms Traditional Fax

Today, online faxing is an industry worth two billion dollars today. It's expected to reach three billion by 2027. The fax machine industry, on the other hand, has steadily shrunk to one billion dollars in size. There are all kinds of reasons why more and more businesses are switching to online faxing.

Cost Benefits

Apart from the obvious cost savings of throwing out your machine and landline, you also save on physical storage space. You no longer have to print out and store all your faxes. Your business also uses far less ink and paper.


As you're no longer a slave to the machine, you can now send and receive faxes with as much flexibility as ordinary Gmail. You can fax outside of office hours, while on business trips, and while working remotely.

When you fax from Gmail, you can also schedule your faxes to deliver at a later time or date. Perhaps if your recipient is in another time zone, you'd like to wait until they're in the office before your fax arrives.


There are various ways online faxing saves you time. You can fax a single document to multiple recipients at once, for example. And you no longer have to hover around the fax machine, waiting for it to print. Nor do you have to waste time trying to fix a malfunctioning machine just when you're trying to fax something urgent.

Greater Security

Faxed documents come directly to you as an individual. They don't print out on the machine to sit in the open for a while until you collect it. This mitigates the security risk of printed documents going missing or sensitive information being compromised.

Superior Presentation

With online faxing, you can design more elegant cover letters than you can with a machine. In fact, aFax provides a range of cover page templates to choose from.

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