Cuando el correo electrónico no es suficiente, enviar un fax en línea es una opción conveniente, económica y sin papel para enviar documentos de un lugar a otro. A diferencia de las máquinas de fax de antaño que necesitaban un teléfono fijo, el envío de faxes en línea solo requiere acceso a Internet y un servicio… Read More

There are various ways in which businesses communicate these days, such as email, social media, by phone, and in writing. Another popular means of communication is to fax another party, which is ideal for those that need to get in touch with someone and send over documentation. Many companies decide to get a dedicated fax… Read More

Content Table Junk Fax Black Fax Fax Scams Junk Faxing in the era of virtual fax Paper Jam If you’re familiar with the concept of spam mail and fliers being shoved down your mailbox, you’re familiar with junk faxing as well, because it’s the very same concept. What is Junk Faxing? Junk faxing is sending… Read More

Since online faxing services are getting more and more popular, it only makes sense that we run a few tests on some of the leading websites on the market to see how they fare against each other. I have been toying with the ever popular Pingdom tool (you can test it yourself right here), and,… Read More

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What is a Fax Demodulator and how does it work? Fax Demodulator is a small device that can be used to observe and intercept fax signals, whether over a phone line or radiofax signals. The main difference between a fax demodulator and a regular fax machine is the fact that demodulator is not able to… Read More

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Businesses are always seeking a way to optimize and further improve their overall productivity. Perhaps one of the easiest ways that this can be accomplished is by focusing on the ways that most businesses use to communicate and transmit sensitive documents. Typically, this is done with the use of faxing. However, as technology is only… Read More

Google officially launched Google Chrome on September 2, 2008. It’s hard to believe that five years has already gone by and Chrome is having its fifth birthday. What a birthday celebration it will be to. This is because Google Chrome turns 5, and despite this fact, it is still going very strong. Google Chrome is… Read More

Are you searching for a convenient and free way to keep in touch with family and friends? Whether you’re living in different time zones or simply searching for an alternative to the high prices of those long distance international calls, instant messaging has become an increasingly popular form of communication throughout the past decades. Unlike… Read More

Why is online faxing better for your business Anyone who has ever tried to send their documents by using one of those old fax machines knows the true frustration that is commonly associated with the method. There are an endless amount of errors that can be encountered during the transmission of your documents. Often times,… Read More