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Rudolf Hell Inventor of the Hellschreiber – the original fax machine Rudolf Hell (19 December 1901 – 11 March 2002) was a German inventor who came up with a HF digital mode for sending and receiving text reliably, even with very low signal quality. His contemporary facsimile machine was used for landline press services, and… Read More


Pantelegraph – Earliest Practical Facsimile Machine There were multiple attempts to make machines that can transfer photos and handwriting over long distances, but they were too complicated, too expensive and too unreliable to use. Pantelegraph is one of the best facsimile machines, used commercially in the later part of the 19th century. There were multiple… Read More

Giovanni Caselli

Inventor of the Pantelegraph Italian physicist Giovanni Caselli is the one who perfected the previous works of Alexander Bain and Frederick Bakewell, creating the first practical “all-purpose telegraph”. Life While Giovanni Caselli initially studied literature, history, and religion, political circumstances forced him to move to Florence where he started his career as a physician. His… Read More

Frederick Bakewell fax machine

English Physicist Frederick Collier Bakewell is an inventor from the early 19th century who took the basic theoretical concept of the facsimile machine developed by Alexander Bain and created a working laboratory version for his tests. Life Frederick Bakewell, born on 29 September 1800, died on 26 September 1869, from Wakefield in West Yorkshire was… Read More

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British physicist and inventor are one of the people who had a very substantial impact on the development of technologies that will later become what we use today as a fax machine. His most famous work is in the field of telephotography, a method of converting an image into a signal that can be transmitted… Read More

If Fultograph was one of the first practical forms of image transfer over longer distances using radio waves, then Weatherfax (also known as Radiofax) is one of the more advanced applications of the same principle. This is an analogue technique for transmitting images over the radio, the term used at the time for these transmissions… Read More

If there’s a method of business communication, there are people who who want to exploit the method to do harm to another, whether it’s for monetary gain or just for their personal jollies. There are some fax scams that you need to be on the lookout for: Black Fax scam Fax machines, naturally, have the… Read More

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Fultograph has it’s place in the history of the telegraph due to it being one of the very first practical commercial uses of the concept of the fax machine. The radio technology was already there and widely used, but American inventor Dr Otho Fulton has built an infection he named after himself that can formulate… Read More