Fax machines need to be brought up to date with the progression of modern technology. Sending a fax from Gmail is a new and convenient option for a lot of businesses, and it’s one that you may wish to consider. You can replace your fax machine or neglect to get one altogether, and you can… Read More

Definición de máquina de fax La máquina de fax (abreviatura de máquina de facsímil) es un dispositivo para transmitir y recibir faxes. Un fax es una copia exacta de un documento (imagen o texto) realizada mediante escaneo electrónico y transmitida como datos por enlaces de telecomunicaciones. Las máquinas de fax modernas suelen ser unidades multipropósito, con capacidades… Read More

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Guía de inicio de Google Fax que lo ayudará a configurar Gmail para enviar un fax en línea. Si llegó a esta página, es probable que ya tenga una cuenta de Gmail. Estás en buena compañía. Más de 900 millones de personas utilizan Gmail como proveedor de correo electrónico. Gmail ahora le permite enviar faxes… Read More

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Breve introducción al fax internacional Ya hemos establecido que enviar faxes en realidad no es mas que dos máquinas de fax que se comunican entre sí y tienen una conversación, puedes leer más en nuestra guía detallada de envío de faxes , por lo que no debería ser una sorpresa demasiado grande que el fax a nivel… Read More

Did you know you don’t need a fax machine anymore to easily send a fax? From the ecological aspect to cutting your business spending with better practices; here are some reasons you should send a fax online. 1. Fax Online & Saves Trees Did you know 10,000 pages are used every year in an average… Read More

There are many different methods that we use to communicate these days such as phone, letters, social media, and face-to-face communication. Another method of communication that is particularly popular amongst business users is faxing. In today’s modern world of technology, sending faxes has become easier than ever. This is because you not only have access… Read More

Content Table Junk Fax Black Fax Fax Scams Junk Faxing in the era of virtual fax Paper Jam If you’re familiar with the concept of spam mail and fliers being shoved down your mailbox, you’re familiar with junk faxing as well, because it’s the very same concept. What is Junk Faxing? Junk faxing is sending… Read More

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One would think that sending a fax would be out of date in the modern age, but there are still plenty of reasons why we NEED it. Fax is still being used and is a relevant method of business communication. Here are some of the reasons why “just the facts Maam, just the facts” is… Read More