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There are three kinds of Fax Software that can easily turn your PC into a station for sending and receiving fax messages. Only one of these methods requires you actually to have a landline that can transfer fax data (no VoIP connections), the other two are relying on you having a stable internet connection and… Read More

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As far as business documents go, Microsoft Office remains one of the most modern suites in use by companies ranging from small to large ones. A serious business must have methods of sending and receiving fax messages, if possible, directly from the suite. Well, Microsoft Office has some levels of integration with fax machines, giving… Read More

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Google Fax start guide that will help you set up Gmail to send a fax online. If you made it to this page, it’s likely you already have a Gmail account. You’re in good company. More than 900 Million people use Gmail for their email provider. Gmail now lets you send faxes in the same… Read More

Getting your free Google fax number is not only easy; it’s the key element towards successfully sending and receiving faxes through Gmail. You can get your free fax number from any of the participating online fax services, such as RingCentral. Many of these services are able to offer free trials, some of which may last… Read More

Some users have reported that their Gmail runs very slowly or doesn’t allow them to view attachments. More often than not, this isn’t an issue associated with the network connection, but rather an issue with other programs that may be running at the same time or even browser extensions. More specifically, some antivirus and security… Read More

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Here is a recent customer chat.  I thought he asked some good questions, so figured, why not pass along the information.  (clicking on the picture will let you see it in full-size) Once you understand the power of faxing from Gmail, try RingCentral free for 30 days and see what fuss is all about. Matt… Read More

Do you need to send a fax from Gmail? This is the right place!  You can be setup in the next few minutes. Here’s what you need to send faxes from Gmail. Gmail account.    Virtual email (Gmail) from Google.  Online fax number.   A virtual phone number for sending and receiving documents. Google Fax in Six… Read More

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Watch the video above to see exactly how to send and receive a fax from within Gmail. Once you’ve seen it, give RingCentral a chance to show you how simple it is to fax from Gmail. Why? Because if you are tired of spending time waiting next to the fax machine, it’s probably time to learn… Read More

Those who are curious about learning more regarding how to fax with Google will find everything that they need to know in this short and informational guide. Regardless of if you have ever sent a traditional fax before, the ability to fax with only the use of Google’s email client is guaranteed to be one… Read More