Technology is continuing to make everything in life easier, including how we do business in the office. Memos used to be faxed between departments before email took over modern memo systems, and today, companies are sending more and more documents they used to send over the fax machine via email to get it digital copies… Read More

For several decades, fax machines have been used to transmit copies of documents from one person or organization to another. This is considered to be a safe and secure way to exchange digital files. Fax machines are primarily used for business purposes, and faxes are considered a common form of business communication. Faxes were the first… Read More

We exist in the most technologically advanced century known to man. From sending hand-written messages through writing letters to telegram services at the post office, communication has come a long way. Then came the Fax machine, a device that was initially an efficient way of sending documents. Then the Internet happened and sharing files became… Read More

When email won’t do the trick, sending a fax online is a paperless, inexpensive, and convenient option for sending documents from one place to another. Unlike the fax machines of yesteryear that need a landline, online faxing only requires internet access and a transmission service. Also known as e-faxing, there is a wide range of… Read More

Fax machines have been one of the most consistent and functional ways for people to share documents since early on in the telecommunications industry. The earliest versions of the fax machine emerged in the late 1840s and the device has remained integral to business and personal communications through every generation since. Today’s fax machines are made… Read More

When someone mentions sending a fax, the first image that probably comes to mind is an archaic machine slowly feeding out documents at a slow, maddening pace. While faxing evokes a dated image of office equipment long gone by, the practice is alive and well. The good news is, business practices have improved considerably over… Read More

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Many businesses and individuals these days tend to use online faxing services rather than the traditional fax machine. This is because this technology offers many benefits. First off, it is faster and cheaper to send and receive online faxes compared to investing in a machine, a dedicated fax line, and paper on which to print… Read More

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