As outdated as they might seem to many of us, sending occasional documents by fax is still a necessary part of life for most working-age Americans. And there are good reasons for that. Having to send a fax while overseas or having to fax a foreign number can add additional complications, but luckily there are solutions! Here we'll go over some solutions for how to send a fax from iPhone internationally.

Can You Send a Fax From iPhone to Another Country?

How Does Faxing From Your iPhone Work?

Fax machines are clunky analog machines; there is no way to simply pair your iPhone with a physical fax machine and send a fax. But luckily, given the digital age we live in, a number of enterprising third-party services have found a solution to this digital-analog divide, and it is now easier than ever to send a fax from your iPhone. We'll discuss two methods to do this, but both methods work using the same technology.

When you fax from an iPhone, the document is initially sent over the internet, usually in PDF form, just as if you had sent it as an attachment to an email or WhatsApp message. But before going to your intended recipient, it is sent to the secure server of the digital faxing service that you're using. The PDF is then downloaded from the server and sent via a traditional fax machine to your intended recipient.

How to Fax From iPhone: Method #1

If you go to the app store and search “faxing,” you'll find dozens of digital faxing services offering iOS apps that facilitate faxing internationally from an iPhone. You'll need to start by downloading one of the apps and registering for an account with the faxing service. Then, follow the prompts to upload the documents you wish to fax, enter your recipient's information, and send the fax.

If you want to save space on your iPhone and avoid downloading a new app to your iOS, most digital faxing services also offer mobile-friendly web apps that you can use from your iPhone's web browser. Many will also allow you to register for an account using your existing Google or Apple account, saving time in the account-registering step.

How to Fax From iPhone: Method #2

This method for sending a fax internationally from your iPhone involves no new apps on your smartphone and utilizes only your standard email app, such as Gmail or Outlook. Though you'll still need to register with a digital faxing service and add credits to your account (unfortunately, digital faxing is never free), you won't need to touch the faxing service's app to actually send the fax. Yep, it's that easy; you can send a fax just like sending an email!

Instead, you'll go to your email app and send an email to the receiving email that the fax service provides, with the documents attached to the email. For faxing internationally, you'll need to add the recipient's full fax number with the international code (for example, +44 for the UK) to the email address. For example, if you want to send a fax to the hypothetical UK number 7777 666 5555, the recipient email would like something like

Luckily today, a number of apps now exist on the market to make faxing easy for iPhone users. The quickest and simplest digital faxing service out there for faxing internationally is aFax™, which supports both of the easy methods we discussed for faxing from your iPhone. Next time you're struggling to send a fax, head over to and send that fax in less than 5 minutes!