Faxing is more secure than emailing, so many people prefer faxing for sending important documents. However, needing to use a fax machine can be inconvenient. Luckily, you can now securely fax online with Google.

Can You Fax Important Documents Online?

You can fax important documents online with a process as simple as emailing. You can use your email service provider to send and receive faxes as long as you're also using an online fax service.

How Does Sending a Fax Online With Google Work?

To fax via your email account, you also need to be using an online fax service such as Afax. This service provides you with a suffix you'll add at the end of your recipient's fax number. This comes out looking something like 5553217654@onafax.com. Use this instead of an email address when sending a fax through your email account.

Using this suffix then reroutes your fax so it's sent through the online fax service's servers. These are more secure than regular Internet servers as they're connected to fewer additional servers and devices. The fax service's servers are essentially the same as the servers used by Internet-connected fax machines.

How Do You Send a Fax via Your Email Service Provider?

1. Create Your Online Fax Account

Create your free account with an online fax service provider. If you wish to use the service regularly, then you'll have to pay a small subscription fee, but you can get started entirely for free.

Having an account with an online fax service provider gives you your own fax number and lets you use the suffix the service provides for faxing through your email account.

2. Prepare a PDF Document

The files you wish to fax are best sent in PDF format. If it's more convenient for you, then you can leave the file as a doc, RTF, or another file type that can be opened using a PDF viewer or word processor. It's also possible to send image files through online faxing, but compiling them in a doc or PDF makes your files easier to organize and view in order.

Don't include a cover page in the document you wish to fax. You'll add that in a future step.

3. Attach Your Fax Files

Take the document you prepared and drag it into your email body or use the “attach files” function. You can upload the file directly from your device, or you can attach it from a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The files you wish to fax should be the only things in the email body. Your recipient won't be able to see any text you sent in the body of the email.

4. Prepare a Cover Sheet

Write up your fax cover sheet in a word processor such as Google Docs. This lets you proofread and edit it as necessary before you send it. Once done, copy this text and paste it into the subject line of the email-based fax you've been preparing. As long as the cover sheet's text is in the subject line, your recipient will be able to read it.

5. Add the Recipient

Insert the fax number and suffix combination described earlier. Don't add an email address alongside it. As long as you have your recipient's fax number and your fax service provider's suffix, then your email fax will send correctly. If you need to send this fax to multiple people, then their fax number and follow it with the suffix, too.

Check out Afax to get started with faxing online. Follow the instructions on the website to send out a test fax today for free.