Using a digital fax is a better method than using a traditional fax machine if you need to send a fax to multiple people. To send fax from Gmail, you will need an application for an online fax service installed on your smartphone or other smart devices. Learn more about the unique advantages of using a digital fax service.

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Can I Send Multiple Faxes From One Gmail Account?

Yes! In fact, one of the biggest benefits of using an online fax account is the ability to send multiple faxes from one Gmail account. When you are registered with an online fax service, your Gmail account becomes a virtual fax machine that can be used to send an unlimited number of faxes to an unlimited number of recipients. Sending multiple faxes from one Gmail account is not only more convenient but ultimately more cost-effective, too.

Attach Multiple Documents

When you send a digital fax with your email account, you can attach multiple documents in one fax. For example, you can attach up to 10 individual files per fax transmission, which enables you to send several hundred pages at one time. Attaching multiple documents into the same fax transmission can also keep your business more organized and efficient.

Input Multiple Fax Numbers

Along with attaching multiple documents, you can also input multiple fax numbers when you are using a digital fax service. To input multiple fax numbers, you can use a broadcast tool to attach numbers directly from your email address book, or you can manually input individual fax numbers. The ability to fax the same document to multiple fax numbers at one time is another reason why digital fax is better than traditional fax.

Is There a Limit On How Many Pages You Can Send?

When you send a digital fax, there is generally no hard limit on the number of pages you can send at one time. However, there may be a limit on the size of the documents you can send. For example, many fax services limit your fax transmission to 20MB per digital fax.

In terms of pages, this can usually fall somewhere around 200 pages at a time, which is still significantly more than you will be able to send using a traditional fax machine. Usually, your online fax application will let you know if you are trying to send documents that are too large.

Is Gmail Fax More Cost Effective?

Using a Gmail fax service is also cost-effective. For example, a monthly subscription to an online fax vendor can usually cost about $20 a month, whereas faxing individual pages at a business store can sometimes cost one to two dollars per page. When you do the math, this means that sending 10 pages with a traditional fax machine costs as much as a monthly subscription that will allow you to send unlimited pages to multiple recipients.

How To Send Fax From Gmail

To send a fax from your Gmail account, you simply need to download an online fax application, obtain a digital fax number, and attach your desired documents. Some people may want to use a printer to create physical copies of received faxes, but you can usually save any faxes you receive on local or cloud storage.

Sending a fax from your Gmail account is significantly more convenient and cost-effective than using a traditional fax machine or paying to fax per page. With a digital fax account, you can attach multiple documents and input multiple fax numbers to send large amounts of data in one fax transmission.

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