In the financial, health, and legal industries, fax is still alive and well today. And in some countries such as Germany and Japan, all kinds of businesses still use fax for important documents. If you're doing business internationally, you may find yourself needing to send a fax abroad. Fortunately, you can use a fax-over-internet service to deliver your fax to many different countries without needing a traditional fax machine. 

Can I Send a Fax via Email Internationally?

Yes, you can send fax via email to another country. All you need is an email faxing service to act as the middleman. When you send your document to the email faxing service, they convert it into a fax and deliver it via their telephone line to your recipient's fax machine. The receiving fax machine can be in the US or anywhere else in the world, as long as they have a valid fax number. 

The main difference with international fax is that you need to add the recipient's country dialing code onto the start of the fax number, just as you would when making an international phone call. So for sending a fax to a UK number, you'd add 0044 onto the start, for Japan the country code is 0081, and so on. 

How To Send an International Email Fax

There are two ways to send an email fax to an international number. The simplest option is to use the web portal of a reputable email faxing service like Afax to upload your document and fax it. Alternatively, you can connect your email to an email faxing service and then email your document to that service, whereupon the document will be converted into a fax and delivered. 

Sending a Fax via the Afax Web Portal 

Sending a fax with Afax is as simple as one, two, three. First, you connect your Google account to Afax and click to send a new fax. You can then add a cover letter if you wish to. After that, attach your PDF document and finally enter the recipient's fax number including the country's dialing code. 

You're now ready to send the fax. When you do so, Afax will receive the document. They'll automatically convert it into base64 binary format, which is the language of telephone lines, and deliver it over their telephone lines to your recipient's fax machine, wherever that may be. 

Sending a Fax From Your Email Account

You can also use your own email account to send a fax. When you use an email faxing service with this feature, you're given a special email address to send your documents to. This email address will include the recipient's fax number and country dialing code. 

You attach your document to the email and send it just as you would a normal email. The email faxing service receives the document and once again converts it into a fax to deliver over the telephone lines. 

Fax Over Internet to Any Timezone 

The amazing convenience of email faxing allows you to send faxes across the world with a few taps on your smartphone. Never has faxing been so quick, simple, and cost-effective. This flexibility can really help with international faxing, where different time zones are often an issue. 

Your recipient in Germany might like to receive the fax during their office hours so that the document won't sit on their fax machine overnight. With email faxing, this is easy to deal with. You can simply send your fax in the evening from home to match Germany's timezone. There's no more need to be standing in your office next to the fax machine to send and receive faxes. 

Faxing internationally has never been easier. Try it out for yourself and send your first international fax today at Afax