So many business owners rely on Gmail and other Google business suite products for their everyday business needs, but many entrepreneurs are left scratching their head, wondering, “Can I send a fax from my Gmail?” It seems like you can do almost anything with a Google app these days, but while Google hasn't developed their own faxing app, there is a fax-from-home solution that you can access today. Read on to find out how you can start faxing from Gmail.

“Can I Send a Fax From My Gmail?” Hit Send in Minutes

Try Online Faxing with aFax™

Stop waiting around for Google to create a GFax app – you already have everything you need to start online faxing right now! With the award-winning aFax™ app, all you need is a Gmail account, basic computer skills, and a device with internet capabilities to send out your first virtual fax today. Yes, it's really that simple – no additional technical skills or equipment required! Just sign up for your aFax™ account and you're well on your way to sending your first fax.

Sign up is simple and streamlined. With the click of a button, you can sync up your Gmail account with aFax™ and create your personal faxing account. Our affordable accounts make online faxing easy and include a secured inbox for incoming faxes and your own personalized fax number. Your clients will be over-the-moon with how accessible you are with your new online faxing system.

It's All About Convenience

Online faxing takes an outdated technology that is rife with inconveniences and turns it into an effective, efficient form of communication for businesses. Some people honestly wonder why anyone still uses faxing for business; this is because they're envisioning clunky, outdated technology that eats up energy, runs up paper costs, creates unnecessary paper waste, and consumes company time with paper jams and maintenance needs.

With online faxing, there's nothing inconvenient about the fax process. It's essentially the same steps as sending an email with attachments, from start to finish. The only additional requirement is an aFax™ account. If faxing were always this simple, no one would be wondering why anyone bothers to send faxes anymore. Faxing with aFax™ is so easy, you'll want to make faxing communication an integral part of your business.

It's Just Like Sending an Email

Faxing through Gmail uses the same skill set required for one of your most common daily tasks: sending an email. Just hit compose, write your desired cover page message in the email body, and attach the files you want to fax to your email just as you would any attachment. With aFax™, your Gmail account becomes your own digital, pocket-sized fax machine. When all the required fields are filled out, all that's left is to hit send!

With online faxing, you don't need to learn any new skills, purchase any expensive equipment, or pay for any training seminars. You already know how to send an email, therefore, you already know how to send a fax online! Doesn't it feel good to know that virtual faxing is accessible, simple, and affordable? Once you finish reading this article, you'll absolutely have all the information needed to send out your first online fax.

How Will The Fax Reach My Client?

Simply type your client's fax number into the address field with “” at the end to signal the aFax™ app to convert your email message and attachments into a fax! Your attachments can come from your harddrive, DropBox, or Google Drive – and don't worry about legibility, we'll convert your attached files into .pdf format for maximum reading comfort. It's important to us that your clients not only receive your faxes, but can comfortably and easily read them!

While faxing with traditional machines meant fighting busy signals and waiting on dial tones, faxing online doesn't require any unnecessary waiting times. It really is just as simple as sending out any other email – only, your recipient will receive your communication through their fax line instead of their email inbox. It's truly an excellent solution if your clients require fax communications and you just don't have the space, budget, or desire to buy a physical fax machine.

Create Your Own Custom Fax Line

Each paid aFax™ account comes with its own custom fax number. Not only will you be able to send faxes to your clients, but your clients will finally be able to reach you via fax! We offer both local and toll free numbers at no additional cost, so you can choose the format that makes the most sense for your business. Your clients from all around the globe will be able to reach you easily with your new custom fax line. They won't even know that you don't own a machine!

The beauty of having a virtual fax line is that, unlike with old school fax machines, you can receive multiple faxes at once! This means that neither you, nor your clients, will have to spend time waiting for faxes to go through. That's right – online faxing virtually eliminates the pesky busy signals of yesterday's fax machines. Faxing with aFax™ is an efficient, cost-effective, and simple solution for all your faxing needs.

Experience Greater Security for You and Your Client

Because our faxing accounts come with their own secured virtual inbox, you never have to worry about hackers infiltrating your email account and gaining access to your private information. Our secured inboxes also offer greater protection for your documents than your office's paper filing systems. Your aFax™ inbox will keep all your incoming faxes safe and organized so you never lose track of important communication from your clients.

Because your fax machine is virtual, you can also take it anywhere your handheld device can go! All you need is an internet connection to be able to send or receive faxes. Your clients will be able to reach you via fax at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, and you'll be able to do the same. This will come as such a relief for your clients, as you'll be saving them time and money, too. You may even convert them into online fax users as well!

Never Miss Another Important Fax

Worried about missing a fax? In the past, never missing a fax meant sitting beside a clunky, energy-consuming fax machine, wasting company hours waiting on incoming communications. With online faxing, you can set up text message notifications so you receive a heads-up from aFax™ each and every time a fax comes into your inbox. You almost always have your phone on you, so chances are you'll never miss out on a fax – or waste time waiting on one – ever again.

If you're looking to save yourself and your business time, money, and headaches, faxing online is an excellent solution. Not only can online faxing cut back on paper costs and save energy, you'll also save yourself time by making the faxing process as simple as sending an email. Now that you know how easy it is to fax from Gmail, it's time to stop asking, “Can I send a fax from my Gmail?” and start sending online faxes with aFax™ today.