History of Fax Infographic

Facsimile machines have gone a long way since their original developers first envisioned them. Here’s how the faxing changed and how it changed the world over the course of history. For more details, you can check out our page dedicated to fax history. Sometimes just reading about a subject can be so boring. So instead… Read More

article on junk fax spamming

If you’re familiar with the concept of spam mail and fliers being shoved down your mailbox, you’re familiar with junk faxing as well, because it’s the very same concept. What is Junk Faxing? Junk faxing is sending of advertisement messages sent by the telemarketers, a practice that boomed along with the popularity of fax machines… Read More

black fax warning

There is no communication technology that is immune to malicious attacks, and faxing, while severely limiting the would-be attackers, still has several vulnerabilities that can be exploited, and black fax is probably one of the most damaging of all of the fax scams and attacks. What is a Black Fax? Black fax is an attack… Read More

How To fax guide resources! How to Send a Fax Brief guide on three options for sending fax messages. How to Fax from a Computer How to send fax messages from a computer – what will you need and how different is it from faxing from a fax machine. How to Send Faxes with Windows… Read More

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Fax technology resources! Radiofax (Weatherfax) Device sending radio fax signals around the world using radio waves, still in use for disseminating weather and meteorological data to vessels and places with no phone connection as well as by amateurs. T.38 Standards set by International Telecommunications Union for transmission of fax data through the IP based systems.… Read More

all in one fax machine

What is GroupĀ 4 Compression and how does it work? Group 4 Compression standard (or G4 compression) is a method of compressing black and white images used in modern fax machines that achieves great levels of compression (a compression ratio of 20:1 is achieved), a standard also used in TIFF type images and in PDF documents.… Read More

fax demodulator

What is a Fax Demodulator and how does it work? Fax Demodulator is a small device that can be used to observe and intercept fax signals, whether over a phone line or radiofax signals. The main difference between a fax demodulator and a regular fax machine is the fact that demodulator is not able to… Read More

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Faxing technologies predate internet, even TV and phone lines – faxing has been around and has changed significantly over the years. Here’s a brief run on how fax machines work looking at the technical side of things. For more general information about fax machines, check out our Fax Machines from Start to Finish guide. How… Read More