Reasons Why You Should Switch to Online Faxing Our move into the digital era over recent years means that we spend more and more of our time online. Many of the tasks we used to perform manually in years gone by can now be carried out with ease, speed, and convenience online. This includes everything… Read More

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Send fax from Gmail with little to no effort Nowadays, thousands of individuals are using Gmail for business and multiple personal reasons, which includes online faxing due to the free Gmail service by Google. They also continue to provide new features such as Google Drive to enable more storage, editing, photos, document management, and calendars.… Read More

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Millennial Workers, accomplishing old tasks by new means Millennials — whatever your thoughts on them — are changing the landscape of the corporate world. The first generation to come of age in a digitally complex environment, they have long been viewed by their predecessors as innately tech-savvy. But, in the age of social media and… Read More

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Though faxing is used less often than in the past, it remains a viable means of business communications, especially for transmitting documents. However, traditional fax machines have some annoyances and other pitfalls that most businesses would rather avoid. For businesses and even individuals, online Google Fax is a much better option. Let’s take a look… Read More

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Businesses, public organizations, and others are all making the move to digital fax solutions in recent years. The trend comes as technology to send and receive fax through email and other communication systems grows increasingly common, making the traditional document-sharing solution of yesterday increasingly unnecessary. Why are they choosing to shift to digital fax? Program Integration While… Read More