Bitcoin currency has had ups and downs over the last few years, but at this point, it’s pretty certain that it’s here to stay as a valid way of paying for goods and services. It turns out that there’s an online faxing service that’s purely bitcoin-driven – Bitcoin Fax.

How does Bitcoin Fax differentiate from other online faxing services?

For a start, it’s the only one I’ve seen so far that doesn’t let you make an account for yourself. The whole site design is minimal and meant to be used with as few clicks as possible – upload a PDF file, choose the recipient, pay the bitcoins and wait for the confirmation, that’s all you get on this site.

bitcoin fax

If you haven’t realized it yet, there’s a major drawback to the fact that you don’t get to create your own account on Bitcoin Fax.

You can use this service to send faxes only, but you can not receive faxes this way.

The payment method and the minimal design makes me think that this is an extremely niche service that knows what it is and with no intentions to be anything more.

The simple site design makes it usable from any platform, including Android, Windows Phones, and iPhones.

Now, let’s talk about the prices on Bitcoin Fax.

This is an international service, hosted in Germany, so the prices range very wildly.

It’s quite reasonable 0.0005 BTC (close to 0.23USD or 0.19EUR) for most of the first world countries, but can go as high as 0.01786 BTC (just over 8 USD) for some of the third world countries.

The prices are clearly indicated on their prices page, so there are no chances of spending more money than anticipated.

Of course, you will be paying in Bitcoin, whose value has shown the tendency to skyrocket from time to time, but recently it’s been pretty stable.

The level of service offered on Bitcoin Fax cannot fairly be compared to other online faxing services because it’s not on the same level – it lags behind greatly, this is just a single feature polished to perfection and presented in a visually pleasing manner, with a payment method that isn’t standard.

If you happen to have some bitcoins lying around and need to send an international fax quickly, this is a good choice, but if you need more complex services, you’d do better with RingCentral or one of its competitors.


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