If you want a name brand machine for your office, no matter if it's a small home office or a large corporate business office, you can't avoid a massive telecommunication giant like Hewlett-Packard.

This company works with everything and anything computer related, from making test equipment, computer peripherals, already pre-made PC boxes and laptops, but its offer includes a wide range of fax machines and multipurpose printer machines that will fulfill your faxing needs with ease.

Brief History of HP Business Model

That's a mighty impressive feature for a company that was founded in 1939 by a pair of friends from a garage, with a starting capital investment of just over $500.

Over the last few decades, HP has acquired a number of communication companies, obtaining their expertise and patient base, allowing it to create some of the most reliable and affordable fax machines on the market.

Model Lines From HP and Recommendations

There are several sets of models from Hewlett-Packard that you should be aware of:

OfficeJet – OfficeJet machines are designed to scan quickly, print, fax and copy multiple documents.

They run on ink cartridges and range from small table multifunction printers to models with wireless connection meant for small and medium sized offices.

OfficeJet 3830 – The most affordable “starter” fax printer, prints color pages and allows for borderless printing, has wireless features.

Might not be the fastest printer out there, but if you need to fax a few documents per day, you won't beat this market price.

Office Jet Enterprise Color MFP x585 – Now, here's a set of machines on the opposite spectrum of the office needs.

If you need something like 40+ pages per minute scanned, printed and faxed, in a corporate environment, with minimal noise and low cost per page, here's a machine that's going to fulfill those needs.

LaserJet – LaserJet lines offer even more speed and less noise than OfficeJet printer line, but the price tag is often higher – laser printing is on it's way to replace ink printing as main printing method, but it's not quite there yet

Laserjet Pro 500 Color MFP M570 – This model is one of the mid-range models for a medium sized office, that can fulfill needs of a large office if you are willing to tolerate slightly slower printing speeds.

There are more advanced models than this one but expect a price tag that is at least double of the one you see on this model.

Alternative Fax Machine Manufacturers:

If you want to see what the Hewlett-Packard competition has to offer, turn to

Canon Fax Machines
Ricoh Fax Machines
Brother Fax Machines

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