There are various ways in which businesses communicate these days, such as email, social media, by phone, and in writing. Another popular means of communication is to fax another party, which is ideal for those that need to get in touch with someone and send over documentation. Many companies decide to get a dedicated fax line so that they can send their faxes. This basically involves the installation of a phone line that is exclusively for faxing rather than for calls.

By getting a dedicated fax line, you can benefit from being able to use the phone and your fax at the same time. This is because your fax machine will not be blocking your phone line by sharing the same line and number. However, you have to bear in mind that having a separate line does mean investing time and money to get everything set up.

Looking at an alternative solution

Fortunately, there is another solution that means you won't have to worry about going to the trouble and expense of having a separate line for your faxing needs. More and more businesses these days are turning to online faxing, which provides a simple and effective means sending and receiving faxes with minimal hassle.

Some businesses are nervous about using solutions such as Google fax because it involves change and the introduction of new technology. However, using Gmail fax services to send and receive your faxes is surprisingly simple and will save you both time and money compared to having a dedicated fax line. In addition, it means that you can send and receive faxes from anywhere because you won't need a dedicated fax line or machine. This is ideal for those that work remotely or from home.

It is important to remember that we now live in the digital era and as such we are able to conduct all sorts of activities with ease online. With businesses and individuals using the internet more and more for day-to-day tasks, it is only natural that faxing facilities have also become freely available online. Many people use Google fax services because of the convenience, ease, and cost efficiency. Others use it because it saves a lot of time when sending faxes and there is no waiting around for other people to send their faxes. You can simply send and receive faxes on your computer.

Improving security for sensitive data

If you are faxing over a report or document that contains sensitive and confidential information, using online faxing such as Gmail fax can be far more secure. There is no risk of your documentation being left at the fax machine and seen by people that should not have access to the information. This can be a big security issue if sensitive documents are accidentally left at your fax machine once they have been sent. In addition, you have to bear in mind that they could be left at the recipient's fax machine for a period of time, which could also pose a security risk.