gmail envelope

Although there have been claims for years that the end of email is imminent, it would seem that it is actually a mode of communication that will continue to last throughout the next few decades. That topic aside, there are many people who wonder which company provides the best free email service. Gmail is obviously… Read More

fax machine exploited

KDMS Team, a pro-Palestinian group of hackers, recently hacked the website of leading net security firm, Metasploit. The group carried out the attack using a fax machine. The hack itself was based on a DNS redirect, which occurs when an attacker changes the records used to tell web browsers what server is located behind the… Read More

fax online instead of offline

J2 Global Communications, a company known mainly for internet fax services, has often been associated with pushing the boundaries of what is usually acceptable in the online market. However, now their business practices have recently begun to gain more attention and may have the potential to pull down Google’s reputation as well. In order to… Read More

google glass

A Wichita mobile and web developer has found a new functionality for Google Glass; the ability to fax. Although Chad Smith develops apps on a regular basis, he claims that he found some particular humor in developing an app for Google Glass that would allow individuals to fax more easily from the device. He uses… Read More

fax from nexus5 phone

Although it has just been announced recently, Google’s Nexus 5 phone is already seeming to start off as a hit success among many loyal Google users and smartphone users alike. Unlocked versions of the phone are available at $349 for 16 GB or$399 for 32 GB. Individuals who are seeking to have a 2-year contract… Read More

Google recently revealed the new Nexus 5 smartphone this Thursday. The release marks Google’s determination to make the competition more challenging for Apple’s iPhone, especially in some of the latest emerging markets. The new Nexus 5 device features a 5-inch display and Google Now, which is the company’s own personal assistant technology. It has also… Read More

For the first time ever, 360 degree views will be able to appear on Google Street View. It will join other well-known and hard to capture sites around the world, such as the Grand Canyon and the South Pole. The River Thames is the first river in Europe and the UK to be mapped with… Read More

google crisis map

Earlier this week, Google publicly launched a Google Crisis Map application that will provide information about bushfires throughout five Australian territories and states. The goal for the project is to provide easy to access, reliable information about the location of fires, their severity, their size, and listings of various warnings in the area. The application… Read More

google car

New data now shows that Google’s self-driving cars such as their Lexus and Prius models are safer and more reliable drivers than humans themselves. According to the leader of Google’s car project, the data reveals that the Google cars are smoother and safer when steering themselves in comparison to a human driver. Results from two… Read More

google u proxy

Google has announced a new tool that is being anticipated as a means to bypass internet censorship and government monitoring across the globe. Developed by one of Google’s facilities in New York City, uProxy is a peer-to-peer service that will allow individuals to establish an encrypted internet connection with other individuals they trust online. Working… Read More