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British physicist and inventor are one of the people who had a very substantial impact on the development of technologies that will later become what we use today as a fax machine. His most famous work is in the field of telephotography, a method of converting an image into a signal that can be transmitted… Read More

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As far as business documents go, Microsoft Office remains one of the most modern suites in use by companies ranging from small to large ones. A serious business must have methods of sending and receiving fax messages, if possible, directly from the suite. Well, Microsoft Office has some levels of integration with fax machines, giving… Read More

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Businesses are always seeking a way to optimize and further improve their overall productivity. Perhaps one of the easiest ways that this can be accomplished is by focusing on the ways that most businesses use to communicate and transmit sensitive documents. Typically, this is done with the use of faxing. However, as technology is only… Read More

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Google Fax start guide that will help you set up Gmail to send a fax online. If you made it to this page, it’s likely you already have a Gmail account. You’re in good company. More than 900 Million people use Gmail for their email provider. Gmail now lets you send faxes in the same… Read More

Getting your free Google fax number is not only easy; it’s the key element towards successfully sending and receiving faxes through Gmail. You can get your free fax number from any of the participating online fax services, such as RingCentral. Many of these services are able to offer free trials, some of which may last… Read More

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Google recently revealed its new Glass Development Kit at a Glass hackathon event. The event was designated to welcome developers to start creating new apps for its Google Glass technology. The development kit will provide developers with access to elements of Glass that were previously unavailable. Developers will now be able to create Glass apps… Read More

Some users have reported that their Gmail runs very slowly or doesn’t allow them to view attachments. More often than not, this isn’t an issue associated with the network connection, but rather an issue with other programs that may be running at the same time or even browser extensions. More specifically, some antivirus and security… Read More

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A new Gmail for iPad upgrade has been released to Apple users. Although the app originally had a slow start and gained a lot of questionable feedback, it seems to have finally managed to harness the full power of the iPad. The greatest feature that has been added to the app is the navigation panel… Read More

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Apple’s latest OS X 10.9 Mavericks update was released in the past few days to address a few problems. People were experiencing issues with their mail. The company released a free patch to address and fix the problems that were related to the Apple Mail app and Gmail accounts. Some of the most common issues reported… Read More

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If you’re one of the many people who deal with a hectic schedule and rely greatly on the use of your email for communication, you may want to consider learning how to utilize Gmail more towards your own advantage. Here’s some tips you can use to make your Gmail experience more efficient and gain more… Read More