If you’re a business owner looking to save time and money by using email to send and receive faxes, we’ll teach you how to send a fax online, saving you from wasting your precious resources operating and maintaining a traditional fax machine or spending your money on unnecessary faxing fees at your local post office.… Read More

Anyone telling you there’s a place for everything and everything in its place clearly isn’t attuned to internet technology. Versatility is the modern byword, especially for business. Specialized devices are obsolete. Contemporary internet-capable devices can perform multiple functions. That includes using your email to fax rather than the clunky, old machine that lives to make… Read More

Forget about old-fashioned fax machines that are slow, cause paper jams, need ink and toner, maintenance, and just take up space. Now, with fast and efficient online faxing, you can send faxes securely from your desktop, laptop, and cellphone from anywhere at any time. Below we will show you how to fax without a fax… Read More

From file storage to email to virtual meetings, Google has all your business needs covered – almost. What do you do when you’ve gone digital and you need to send a fax? While there’s no such thing as a Google fax app, you can still utilize Google’s existing services to send and receive faxes. If… Read More

In 2021, the age of all things digital, fax relevance is still high.  People trust the information exchange it provides.  However, online faxing is something some people hesitate to try.  It seems as if paperless fax would be widely embraced, but it has taken some people a while to move toward the advancement. Increased Fax… Read More

google fax number While many people use Google to look up their favorite recipes, find flight deals and check email, few know that you can also send faxes for free through the service. Afax is a revolutionary app that eliminates the need for an additional fax line, toner cartridges or that annoying dialing sound. How… Read More

Technology is continuing to make everything in life easier, including how we do business in the office. Memos used to be faxed between departments before email took over modern memo systems, and today, companies are sending more and more documents they used to send over the fax machine via email to get it digital copies… Read More

For several decades, fax machines have been used to transmit copies of documents from one person or organization to another. This is considered to be a safe and secure way to exchange digital files. Fax machines are primarily used for business purposes, and faxes are considered a common form of business communication. Faxes were the first… Read More

We exist in the most technologically advanced century known to man. From sending hand-written messages through writing letters to telegram services at the post office, communication has come a long way. Then came the Fax machine, a device that was initially an efficient way of sending documents. Then the Internet happened and sharing files became… Read More

When email won’t do the trick, sending a fax online is a paperless, inexpensive, and convenient option for sending documents from one place to another. Unlike the fax machines of yesteryear that need a landline, online faxing only requires internet access and a transmission service. Also known as e-faxing, there is a wide range of… Read More