Arthur Korn fax inventorDeveloper of Fax Machine

German physicist and mathematician Arthur Korn (20 May 1870 – 22 December 1945) ha made it his life's study to find a way to transfer large amount of information over long distances. The end goal of Arthur's research would be developing a practical mechanical television system, but that particular invention would prove to be elusive for a while yet.

He did contribute significantly in the field of telecommunication, as his long distance photography transfer system, phototelautorgaph, is a first modern facsimile machine. It has successfully transferred an image across the ocean with very little quality loss, and his invention was used by police to transfer photographs and fingerprints. Police and banks were the best clients for this new model of fax machines.

In 1906 he successfully transmitted a picture across over 1800km with no quality loss, and in 1813 he was able to demonstrate a successful video transmission. His inventions have been used until the end of the first half of the 20's century, when newer models incorporating modern scientific methods were developed.

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