You know what's a scary thought? Some of you reading this article have never heard of a “fax machine.” Believe it or not, there are those of us working in the business and administration world that see “fax” and perhaps mistake it for a misspelling of “facts.”

As absurd as that is for some of the older individuals reading this, there are those that stopped using fax machines, not because they're too young, but rather, because the fax machine has been phased out in favor of more digital-friendly applications. Whether it's wireless printers, advanced email accounts, smartphones, and a myriad of other advancements, the fax machine has sadly gone the way of the dodo bird for most people, young and old.

But due to the popularity of the fax machine and its undoubted practicality, there are still those that desire to use a fax service, but because of the high cost and inconvenience of it, they choose cheaper but less practical methods of communication and document exchange. However, the perfect medium between all-digital and tangible practicality exists–the virtual fax service.

Thanks to the emergence of virtual fax services, businesses and individuals can now enjoy the convenience and ease of a fax machine, sans the complications and costs traditionally associated with them. Still not convinced? Well, here are just a few reasons you should consider using a virtual fax service.

Unbeatable Value

For businesses, large or small, achieving the most value and profit is priority number one. Because of that, every decision has to be made with that perceived value in mind. When it comes to virtual fax services, there is absolutely no debate–you will save an absurd amount of money.

Your typical fax machine will cost anywhere from $150 to almost $300, and factoring in the continual upkeep along with ink, toner, paper, and repairs, that's just more money being squandered. With a virtual fax service, you can enjoy all the benefits of a fax machine without the tremendous cost. Most virtual fax services can be had for a minimal cost of around $5 to $8 per month, and for more premium plans, they can cost a little more than that. But when you compare these costs to a traditional unit, there is just absolutely no comparison. But aside from the massive cost-saving benefits, there are convenience-related benefits as well.

Uncomparable Convenience

Traditionally, one reason people have refused to completely abandon the fax machine is due to its effectiveness and convenience as a business tool. If you have a document or critical item you want to immediately transmit to a client or colleague, the fax machine still reigns supreme in many respects.

Thanks to virtual fax services, that unbeatable convenience has been further improved upon. You can now enjoy the same benefits of having a fax machine without having a physical machine. Virtual fax services pair the email with a fax service, allowing you to send faxes the way you send your emails. By simply attaching a document and pressing send, you can transmit a document virtually instantaneously–all without the need for using a physical fax machine. By purchasing this sort of service for a large company, it means that everyone from the CEO to the mail clerk can send faxes without having to hog a machine.

This offers an incredible level of convenience from top to bottom, and it maximizes efficiency, which is a critical cost-saving measure. Not to mention, it's just convenient to click one button in your inbox versus messing with a clunky machine.

Elite-Level Digital Security and Maximized Efficiency

One reason people preferred faxes over traditional methods is the security of faxable signatures. Nowadays, digitally signed documents have risen in popularity, but so has the risk of compromise. A virtual fax service still allows for the convenience of digital signatures, but you can rest assured that there is an enhanced level of security with digital faxes versus any other method. The fact digital faxes can be sent to a dedicated inbox no different from email also enhances security and organization from person to person.

Whether it's the convenience, the cost-saving benefits, or the streamlining of all of your fax services into one, virtual fax services are essentially the pinnacle of fax technology. Rather than seeing the fax machine as something that has no place in a 21st Century business setting, embrace the wonders that a virtual fax service can provide.

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