To fax online, fax from gmail or the Internet, there is now a handy app that lets people fax from just about anywhere, any time. It even allows users to fax from Google, send an online fax free of charge, and take advantage of numerous technology and telecommunications functions with ease.

Modern Business Needs

Even in the modern age of digitized everything, email attachments, text messages and other phone-related forms of communication, there is still a large role in the business world for faxed documents.

Attorneys and real estate agents are but two of the professionals who often need so-called “hard copy” documents for notarized signatures and to comply with local regulations.

The Age of Rapid Communication

When a piece of equipment, or the lack of one, gets in the way of your rapid connection with a business associate or colleague, the challenge can be frustrating, to say the least. And even though email and instant messaging apps seem to have taken over the world of professional communication, the aFax app can turn any device into a virtual fax machine.

Versatility if the Key

The ability to use a phone, laptop or tablet to send faxes brings a whole new type of mobility to the average business professional. Not only is the aFax app easy to download and use, it allows for infinite documents to be sent for anyone who subscribes to the service.

There's No Limit on Usage

The aFax app even works internationally, allowing the service subscriber to send a document instantaneously from, for example, the U.S. to India in a matter of milliseconds. That's the beauty of app from aFax and just one reason that so many people have already taken advantage of the service plan.

No Paper, No Phone Lines

Subscribers are most satisfies with the lower cost of using the aFax app because there is no need for high priced, specialty paper or additional phone lines. You can even send from your standard email address by simply adding the suffix “@onafax” to your email tag.

No Busy Signals Either!

Remember the days of those pesky busy signals when faxing documents? Both senders and receivers had to put up with long wait times during peak business hours.

With the aFax app, there is never a problem like that because whether you are the sender or receiver, you will not get a busy signal. The app allows for seamless, no-wait-time usage and functionality no matter what time of the day or night.

No-Cost Toll-Free Usage

In the “old” days, which in the computer age means about three years ago, anyone who wanted to receive or send a faxed message to a long-distance number, even a toll-free one, was charged a hefty fee because it was still considered a “long-distance” transmission.

Fortunately, with the aFax app, any toll-free numbers are treated the same as local ones, which means that subscribers are able to both send and receive faxes at zero cost.

How to Send From Email Accounts

If you know how to send an email, then you already know how to use the aFax app. Use gmail as you do regular email, attach whatever document you want from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or you own computer's files and you're all set. No hassle faxing is the way to go, and aFax makes it all possible.

Your Car is Your Office

Real Estate professionals, attorneys, and doctors are just a few of the types of people who can get maximum value from the ability to send faxes from anywhere, especially when they're on the road traveling from state to state.

Until now, they would have to stop at a local “business center” in a hotel or pay-to-play copy center in order to take advantage of faxing capability. Those days are a relic of the distant past now that the aFax app is available. Its easy of use, low cost, unlimited usage, and mobile versatility make it the ideal way for anyone to communicate in the fast-paced economy of 2021.

Get Alerts When You Need Them

For busy people who receive multiple faxed documents every day, the aFax app is able to text you an immediate alert whenever an incoming faxed document is waiting for you.

There is no need to “check in” to find out whether your inbox contains unread faxes. You'll always be in the know with the aFax app, and it takes just a minute to sign up and download it to your phone, tablet, laptop or home-based computer. This is how faxing was meant to be!