Over 1.8 billion people use Gmail for their email service, but what about faxing? How many people have room for a fax machine or even still have a landline in their home or office?  The need for faxing hasn't disappeared, but how we go about it has changed dramatically. Are you still using a traditional fax machine?  Keep reading to discover why Gmail fax (aka Google fax) is the more efficient, cost-effective solution.

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Gmail Fax: The Perfect Faxing Solution


The ability to send a fax right from your Gmail account is substantially more convenient than traditional faxes. You no longer have to leave your desk or hunt down a fax machine. You can quickly attach the document you need to fax to an email and send it off. The recipient will receive your printable copy in a few minutes, just like any other email, but it's delivered as a fax instead!

This convenience is perfect for businesses that need to send documents regularly. With Google fax, there's no need to invest in a dedicated fax line or machine. You can send and receive faxes from any device where you can access your Gmail account: desktops, cellphones, even iPads or tablets, from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, and you're good to go!


If you imagine the most common situations where you typically need to fax documents, you'll quickly realize it's usually for something “official.” And in most cases, you're not sending a simple single-page document. These documents are frequently double-sided and have multiple pages, requiring you to feed them page by page because your traditional fax machine doesn't have a dual-sided feed tray option.

Now, imagine attaching those same documents to a simple email, pulling from Google Docs, Dropbox, or even your desktop computer – with zero hassle. That flexibility of gathering documents from across your devices and quickly combining them into a single fax is game-changing.


Remember how long it took the last time you faxed a document? You had to find a fax machine, fill out the cover sheet, feed in all your documents, and wait for them to roll out the other side. Even with a fax at your desk, those precious minutes wasted waiting for the documents to feed through the machine add up quickly for a “frequent faxer.” Then, when the fax fails, you have to do it all over again.

By using Gmail for faxing, you can easily send multiple faxes simultaneously without delay, which means you can get back to your work much sooner. And you'll never have to worry about a busy signal or missed call again.


When faxing through Gmail, tracking is built right into the system. You can easily keep track of all your incoming and outgoing faxes in your inbox in the same way you store and track your regular emails. All your faxes will be stored in your Gmail account along with all your other email communications, making it easy to find and retrieve later.

You can even take advantage of Google's powerful search engine to find a specific fax among all your other email communications. This automatic tracking functionality offers a massive advantage over traditional faxing, where you either have to keep a paper trail or search through a physical filing system to find your documents, both of which are time-consuming and inefficient.

Security and Confidentiality

When sending important documents, you want to be sure they arrive safely and remain confidential. As long as your fax recipient uses an email provider utilizing Transport Layer Security (the majority of providers these days), you can rest assured that your documents are securely encrypted before they're sent and remain secure throughout the process.

Encryption is crucial when sending sensitive information like medical records or legal documents. Additionally, you can add password protection to your faxes for extra security. On the other side, when receiving faxes via Gmail, only people you've given access to your Gmail will be able to read your faxes. All faxes are saved securely in your account, and only those with authorized access can open and view them.


Cost savings quickly add up when you switch to digital faxing. First, you'll eliminate the expense of buying and maintaining a fax machine, either personally or through a monthly equipment rental. Second, you can cancel the extra phone line you must keep dedicated to your faxing activities. Finally, there's no need for paper or ink to print cover sheets, fax confirmations, or failure notices. It's all done electronically. All told, annual savings can add up to hundreds of dollars!

Environmentally Friendly

Digital faxing will also help you reduce your carbon footprint. Traditional faxing uses a lot of paper, manufactured and transported to your location. Digitally faxing eliminates the need for paper and the associated fossil fuels used in delivery, saving more trees and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, most people who've switched to digital faxing also save money on their electric bills. Fax machines are notoriously power-hungry beasts. By switching to Gmail, you can eliminate the wasted electricity associated with continuously keeping a fax machine on to receive that occasional fax.

There are innumerable benefits of using Gmail fax for your business communications: convenience, flexibility, time-saving, tracking, confidentiality, cost-savings, and environmental friendliness, to name a few. While essential, these seven reasons barely scratch the surface of what this powerful tool can do for you. If you're not already using this revolutionary faxing method, now's the time to switch!

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