Faxing technology is old, but not outdated.

There are huge benefits of this tech starting from security to ease of use, and now, with new technologies on the rise, faxing has improved.

The biggest step forward is when it moved to the cloud and online faxing became much easier to handle.

If you haven’t switched to virtual faxing yet (for reasons unknown to us) here are a few perks that will, hopefully, make you change your mind.


Wich are the main reasons to switch over to online faxing?

  • Fewer Resources Required

    There is no need for cluttering your office space with a fax machine which, as you probably know, takes a lot of space. Not only that, but you also have to worry about paper and ink the machine itself “swallows”, especially if you are working with over 300 faxes a month. As for the maintenance costs, well, the common range of parts replacement is from $25.00 to $150 depending on the brands.
    Having this in mind, you would be crazy not to opt for online faxing.
    Plus, it’s green technology!

  • Greater Security

    • Online (virtual) faxing is more secure than traditional faxing mainly because:
    • You are not leaving your sensitive data in the open (no unattended papers sitting on the faxing machine)
      Your fax content is fully encrypted with a minimum of 128-bit, TLS encrypted connection

      Sensitive work or personal information can be heavily exploited if they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Ease of Record-keeping

    Storing faxes and record-keeping is much easier with online faxing. Since you can track all your inbound and outbound faxes online, you have no need to struggle with heaps of paper and waste time and space in organizing.
    With virtual faxing you can directly sort all fax data via email with a few clicks.faxing_mess

  • Simplifies your business tasks

    The greatest feature of online faxing is that it is highly flexible.
    Being that you can send, receive and manage all of your fax traffic via email, you can freely work on the go. You don’t need to stress yourself about paper or ink running out or having to be in the office (or home) sending a fax. This is super beneficial for people working in the real estate niche or attorneys that are constantly on the go and have to handle sensitive data.

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