Businesses, public organizations, and others are all making the move to digital fax solutions in recent years.
The trend comes as technology to send and receive fax through email and other communication systems grows increasingly common, making the traditional document-sharing solution of yesterday increasingly unnecessary.

Why are they choosing to shift to digital fax?

  1. Program Integration

    While it’s been viable to manage faxes digitally for quite a while, few services have had the potential to end traditional faxes quite as decisively as the integration of faxing into Google systems.
    Now that you can send a Google fax directly from your Drive account or email account, there’s little reason for many businesses to keep a fax machine around.

  2. Paperless Offices

    The embrace of green technology for moral, marketing, or cost reasons has only accelerated in recent years—and few machines in an office deal in more paper than the fax machine.
    Replacing your fax machines with digital alternatives doesn’t just eliminate the use of paper in that particular activity, it can act as a major tipping point in pushing people away from paper use in general.

  3. Productivity Gains

    Dealing with a physical machine simply isn’t as efficient as sending and receiving faxes digitally. Even if you put aside the physical constraints of utilizing a fax machine, it’s an additional step between receipt and the likely storage as a digital document.
    You also eliminate the traditional bottleneck a single office fax machine may create in incoming or outgoing documents—not important in slower offices, but crucial to productivity in busier environments.

  4. Cost Efficiency

    Cutting out the middleman of a physical fax saves money as a recipient. Cutting out the purchase, configuration, and maintenance of physical fax machines saves funds in a big way.
    Add in the negligible or nonexistent costs of handling faxes in such a way, and it’s clear why all routes lead to digital fax solutions. It just makes sense, for any organization public or private.
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