Google fax services combine the speed, convenience, and cost-efficiency of email with the security and familiarity of fax. More and more companies across the US are sending and receiving their faxes via email, and for good reason. Let's take a look at ten key benefits of Gmail faxing.

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10 Reasons We Love Google Fax Service

Significant Cost Savings

When you switch to email faxing, you get rid of many unnecessary costs. You never need to purchase or repair another fax machine again. Your monthly costs for paper and ink also decline.

Without a fax machine, you might also be able to ditch the expense of having a landline. Your emailed faxes will still travel over analog landlines, as all faxes do, but you'll no longer need a landline in your office specifically for faxing.

Less Clutter in Your Office

As an efficiency-minded business owner, you're no doubt aware of how valuable every inch of office space can be. Take away the fax machine and you have more space, with a little less wiring to bother you, too.

Simpler Scalability

You can scale email faxing to additional departments and employees far more quickly than with traditional faxing. With Google fax, in a single day, every employee can effectively have their own fax machine on their computer or phone.  

Convenience of Use

Email fax users can send and receive faxes on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. You can use Gmail fax at any time of the day, from any location, as long as you have a phone signal or wifi. Coworkers and customers alike are often delighted with prompter responses to their fax requests.

With Gmail fax, delivery confirmation notices are sent to you securely online. You no longer have to hover around the office fax machine, waiting for confirmations of receipt.

Flexible Scheduling

You can now schedule a fax to be sent at a later time or date. This can be useful when you know your recipient uses a physical fax machine and you want your file to arrive when you know they're in the office.

Multiple Recipients

While sending a fax from your email, you can enter as many recipients as you like into your “CC” box, and send it to all of them at once. You'll then receive a separate confirmation notice for each recipient when the fax is successfully delivered.

Added Security

Gmail faxing is more secure than both traditional faxing and email, for differing reasons. With email, you're sending sensitive information over the internet where it can be intercepted and read unless it's encrypted. Gmail fax, on the other hand, sends files over the analog Public Switched Telephone Network, which is encrypted and generally far safer than online email.

With a physical fax machine sitting in your office, you face the threat of sensitive information lying on a fax machine for minutes or hours, where anyone can read it. Printed faxes also sometimes go missing accidentally, which isn't a risk you face with email faxing.

Easier Organization & Sharing

As with any digital file, it's far easier to organize, store, and share the files you send and receive via email faxing. You can save all received faxes securely to Dropbox, Google Docs, or anywhere else, and share them simply by giving a coworker or client a secure link.

More Elegant Presentation

Your digitally composed and delivered faxes can often be far more elegant and professionally crafted than traditional faxes. In Gmail, you can customize your fax cover letter in various ways to create an overall better impression with everyone you interact with.

Your Business Is Greener

Every time you move something that requires paper and ink over to digital, you shrink your company's environmental footprint. This is a nice bonus factor for many business owners.

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