If you're looking for a fax machine, consider sending your fax online instead. When you fax from Google, it's cheaper, quicker, easier, and just as secure. Your recipient will receive the fax promptly on their fax machine and have no idea that you sent it using Gmail. Let's take a look at 10 clear benefits online faxing has over using a traditional fax machine.

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10 Reasons Internet Faxing Beats Using a Machine

Quicker Responses to Clients

When you use your laptop, tablet, or phone to send and receive faxes, you become far quicker in your responses to clients. You don't have to wait until you're back in the office or rush around searching for a fax machine. You simply open Gmail, attach the document, and send it.

Better-Looking Faxes

Not only do your rapid responses create a better impression with clients, but your faxes also begin to look more professional. With internet faxing, you can carefully design and compose beautiful-looking cover letters that send every time you fax. These little touches do wonders for the image of a business.

No Hardware Required

A budget-conscious businessperson should always jump at the chance to save money and space by getting rid of unnecessary hardware. When you do away with your fax machine, you no longer need to pay for repairs, paper, ink, or landline. You have more space in your office, and you don't need as much filing cabinet space to save all those printed faxes.

Simpler Scalability

If you're looking to scale either your business or faxing capabilities, internet faxing makes this so much easier. New employees only need a Gmail account and internet access to send and receive faxes. You no longer need to think of buying a new machine for each office or department.

Perfect for Remote Workers

Many businesses today have increasing numbers of remote workers, which can save on costs and boost productivity. Those remote workers can now fax from anywhere in the world, just as if they carry a portable fax machine with them.

Schedule Your Fax From Google

Businesses that use fax machines often want to receive faxes during office hours when they're in the office. So if you're sending an internet fax late one evening, you can schedule it to send the following morning after am instead, when you know your recipient will be there.

This also helps when you're sending a fax to a different time zone, either in the US or another part of the world. Some countries, like Japan and Germany, still use fax even more than Americans.

Fax Online to Many Recipients at Once

With a fax machine, if you have to send one document to multiple recipients, then you need to fax each number individually. This takes up valuable time. With internet faxing, you can add dozens of recipients into the “CC” box of a single email and fax them all at once.

Store Documents Digitally

With email fax, you receive all faxes in digital format. You don't need to print them out unless you want to. This means you can save all these important documents digitally on your computer or on a secure cloud storage service like Google Docs. This makes it far easier to organize files over time, and it saves on office space too.

Share Documents Easily 

Digitally stored files are also easier to share with coworkers, clients, or anyone else. You simply create a secure link or give them access to the relevant cloud folder.

Mitigate the Risk of Human Error

Finally, internet faxing gets rid of a common security problem with fax machines. When faxes are received on a machine and printed out, they often sit there for a period of time, revealing potentially sensitive data to anyone who passes by. Also, these pieces of paper can occasionally go missing.

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